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Nowadays human wigs are widely used by all kinds of groups of people around the world. All people dream to possess a nice appearance and various kinds of aspects have been trying their best to study how can refresh our appearance. Do you know why human wigs are so popular and welcomed? There are several reasons as follows: first of all, most girls had short hair for many years, but they are still longing for a more charming long hairstyle. What’s more, some boys want to experience a kind of feeling with long hair or they want to pretend an artist like in the movie we watched. So in order to achieve girls’ dreams and boys’ curiosity, human wigs are the best way because we can not make their hair long immediately. We have to use human wigs to make their hair long. The important reason is that we just spend a few minutes wearing the human wigs we choose, and it is very convenient for us all.

But many people face confusion while buying a new wig between two types of different toping wigs – a u-shape or u-part wig and a v-shape or v-part wig. The top area of a v-part wig is sewn in a top-cut of v shape wig cap. While the u-part wig has a u-shape hole on the top of the wig cap.

The Similarities Between A V-part Wig and A u-part Wig

  • Stuff

Both v-part wigs and u-part wigs are made of 100% human hairs. You can convert them in your desired style i.e straight, curl, crimp, or so on. The two wig hair are stronger so it will not make any wig hair fall and you can also shampoo it when needed.

  • Color Change

The two wigs are in natural human colors so you can blend them according to your own natural hair color to look adorable. But if you like artificial colored hair, you can easily change its color by dying or bleaching them at home, or going to a salon is also a good option.

  • Caps Details

Both caps have a very comfortable and long-lasting material that when you wear the wig you will not get irritated. Both wigs have clips and combs under the caps so you can easily attach the wig to your hair. The clips and comb will make a strong grip on your hair so that the wig will not move from its right place.

  • Wig Installation

You can easily install these wigs because they are glue-free and lace-free. You just need to blend them with the help of a comb inside the wig cap and fix them with the clips. No need to cut down any lace. you can easily install both types of wigs in just two to three minutes.

  • Hair growth Friendly

With both a U part wig and a human hair v part wig, you can remove them easily and enjoy your sleep. You don’t need to wear it 24 hrs, so it gives you a relaxing scalp time. Since these wigs are glueless so they are not harmful to your hair. The two wigs are completely safe and secure for your hair so you can use the fearlessly as they are efficiently protecting your hair from the external environment.

The Contrast between V Part Wigs and U Part Wigs

  • The Top Part

The one major difference between these two types of wigs is they have clearly different shapes on the top part. The U part wig has u shaped top part and the V part wig has a v-shaped top part.

  • Remove the Band

In the comparison of the two wigs, you will find out that a U part wig has a band or maybe two bands inside it and you will cut or remove them before fixing the wig. But a V part wig doesn’t have any band.

  • Leave Out

If you are going to wear u part curly wig then you have to leave more of your hair in order to cover the edges of the wig. With the V part wig, you just need to leave a few of your hair or almost nothing and It will look more natural. But a U part wig has a little big gap for which you need more of your hair to cover it.


So now you clearly know that both the U part wig and V part wig have their own similarities and differences. You can now easily choose one of them. If you want to leave out more of your hair to create an amazingly natural look, you can have a U-part wig. If you want to create a more appropriate style then a V part wig is also a good option.

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