Top 10+ Best Deep Conditioners for Bleached Hair 2021

Are you planning to bleach your hair, ready to makeover your current hair with some fashionable colors? Then, you should take extra care of it.

Such a chemical dying process opens up the hair cuticle and dissolves the natural melanin, leaving the strands stripped and faded. No worry, you can minimize the damages by using the best deep conditioners for bleached hair.

Conditioners generally add nutrients to reduce friction and damage to hair strands. As a result, they play a crucial role in improving the feel and appearance of your hair. However, they are not formulated the same. Take the following products, for example.

  • Aussie Deep Conditioner with Avocado – Best Deep Conditioning for Bleached Hair, featuring all-star ingredient – the avocado. This fruit provides moisture and nutrients to nourish your hair from the inside.
  • Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask – Best for Over processed Hair, thanks to two healthy oils of argan and avocado to rehydrate and fortify over-processed strands.
  • Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner – Best for Dry Bleached Hair with raw shea butter – an emollient fat well-known for its effectiveness in softening the hair.
  • Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 – Best for Color-treated Hair since no sulfates, parabens, and phthalates are involved in the ingredient list.
  • Kerastase Blond Absolu Masque – Best for Summer Hair Care for featuring ultraviolet neutralizers, which help prevent damage from UV rays.
  • Verb Ghost Hair Mask – Best for Thin Hair. The pure and silky hydration formula adds no extra weight to your tresses.
  • Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner – Best for Platinum Blonde. It features a beautiful violet (purple) toning pigment to retain the hair’s gorgeous look and vibrant color all the time.
  • Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Mask – Best Drugstore Conditioner. The mask features a creamy consistency that is soft and cool with safe but potent over-the-counter ingredients.
  • OGX Kandee Johnson Collection – Best Budget. Small and useful for common hair care.
  • Malibu C Miracle Wellness Hair Reconstructor – Best for Swimmers for its utmost compactness; you can fit several conditioner packs in your backpack and get to the pool.

Best Deep Conditioners for Bleached Hair: Completed Reviews

Until your bleached hair becomes dull, might you be tragically aware that you are using the wrong conditioner? Therefore, we provide a list of conditioners designed for specific bleached hair types for your reference.

Aussie Deep Conditioner with Avocado – Best Deep Conditioning for Bleached Hair

Amazon best-selling product B07NR2B9HS

General information:

  • Ingredients: Paraben-free formula.
  • Aroma: Light fruity smell.
  • Infused with avocado and jojoba oil in Australia.

Best overall:

If you ask, “What is the best deep conditioner for bleached hair?” It is an Aussie Deep Conditioner with Avocado.

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Anwig Hair

First thing first, the main ingredient is avocado. The fruit is packed with B-complex vitamins and biotin. They are helpful together to cure dehydrated hair. Lack of moisture is a common problem of bleached hair, considering many chemicals applied during the bleaching process.

Jojoba oil, despite a small amount, also contributes to this product’s merits. It is a natural moisturizer that adds protection to breakage and split ends while moisturizing the scalp.

Surprisingly, avocado and jojoba elements are not the only exciting features of the product but its quick 3-minute miracle application. When done, you will feel the oils are quickly soaked into the hair without causing heaviness.


You can apply the conditioner for more than 3 minutes if you wish a better penetration of your hair.

However, you should know that the creamy formula might cause the oil to be extremely slippery and hard to rinse out thoroughly.


  • Make your hair shiny and bouncy
  • Moisturizing ingredients
  • A quick application in 3 minutes


  • Chemical fragrance
  • Stuck cap reported

Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask – Best for Over processed Hair

Amazon best-selling product B07M7PP9KX

General information:

  • Ingredients: Mixed with hydrating avocado and argan oil.
  • Aroma: Fruity but not strong smell.
  • Salon-created and salon-approved quality.

Best for over-processed hair:

Next is the Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask – a popular conditioner created by a team of experts who set hair for TV, videos, magazines, and celebrities called “Marc Anthony True Professional.”

We recommended this conditioner for over-processed hair when you use too much bleach, heat-styling tools, hair relaxers, etc. That time, hair shafts become dense, porous, and extremely dry to the touch. They can even be prone to flyaways or cowlicks.

Thankfully, the conditioner of Marc Anthony helps. “Marc Anthony restoring hair mask works great after one use, my hair was super soft instead of being dried out from hair coloring,” reviewed Melissa on Chick Advisor.

The manufacturer utilizers two healthy oils to rehydrate and fortify over-processed stands, which are argan and avocado. They are both rich in protein, in combination with hydrolyzed keratin, caffeine, biotin, and ginseng.

After a short time, the untamable shafts with mentioned signs of damage from styling processes will be more moisturized and better manageable.


This conditioner is a hair mask, so it is recommended to apply it to wet hair after shampoo. Let it sit on your hair for several minutes, depending on the hair situation, so that oils can better seal in the strands. After that, rinse hair thoroughly.

Good as it is, you only need to apply the conditioner once or twice a week. Otherwise, your hair might end up being oily and greasy.

A small note is that the conditioner comes with no protection seal, resulting in suspicions that it is already opened and even used. Marc Anthony should improve such an experience.


  • Not an expensive choice
  • Nutritious avocado and argan oils to nurture damaged hair from styling processes
  • Good at growing damaged hair from bleaching
  • High-end fruitiness to the scent


  • Not good for curly hairs
  • Oily, if used too frequently
  • No tamper seal on arrival

Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner – Best for Dry Bleached Hair

Amazon best-selling product B00MXD6GBY

General information:

  • Ingredients: Organic shea butter, along with black castor oil.
  • Aroma: Peppermint scent.
  • Peppermint element to stimulate the scalp and hair growth.

What is the best leave in conditioner for bleached hair?

Best leave in conditioner for bleached hair that is prone to dryness:

Provided that your hair is naturally dry, bleaching makes it worse. Chemical bleaches are a harsh invader that tries to break hair protein apart to remove the color. In the meantime, they also wash the moisture away. As a result, the strands become dull and breakable.

You need a product like the Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. With moisturizing ingredients, it works miracles to curb such undesirable symptoms mentioned above.

In detail, the main ingredient – raw shea butter is an emollient fat used to soften the hair.

Black castor oil is a viscous oil and excellent moisture sealant. It adds moisture to your hair, while the oil having additional antibacterial and humectant properties also promotes hair growth to replace split strands from bleaching with new ones.

There is a little peppermint oil found that gives off a fresh fragrance and feeling to your scalp without causing an overwhelming scent for a keen nose.


You should also be aware that this conditioner features a silicone-derived ingredient, also known as Keravis protein. It helps revitalize dry strands but straighten your hair at the same time. In other words, the Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner is not friendly with curly hair.


  • A cheap bowl of 16 ounces
  • Moisturizing ingredients
  • The fresh peppermint scent
  • Lightweight on hair
  • Easy application: leave-in overnight


  • Not long-lasting effect
  • Not for curly hair

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 – Best for Color-treated Hair

Amazon best-selling product B00SNM5US4

General information:

  • Ingredients: Mainly bis-aminopropyl glycol-dimaleate.
  • Aroma: Soft floral smell
  • Formulas are free of paraben, vegan, and sulfate elements.

Best for colored-treated hair:

Technically, Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment is a hair protector rather than a mere conditioner trusted by many celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Julianne Hough. The formula helps strengthen the damaged strands without fading all colors.

The key active component is the bis-aminopropyl glycol-dimaleate. It is considered a bond builder because of its ability to bond keratin fibers. Its sole purpose is to make your hair healthier from the inside out; your bleached hair will look stronger and thicker.

Besides, the conditioner is also completely free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. So you can rest assured to put it on your newly bleached/color-treated hair; the color and artificial shine will not be washed away.


There are two things worth noticing about the conditioner.

One is the price. It is more expensive than a bottle with the same capacity.

Secondly, some customers reported that this product straightened their wavy hair. Thus, if you have curly hair you should consider before using them


  • Excellent at building keratin bonds within each bleached strand
  • Lightweight on your hair
  • Soft floral smell


  • Costly conditioner for small size
  • Not effective for everyone, say, for curls

Kerastase Blond Absolu Masque – Best for Summer Hair Care

Amazon best-selling product B07KQQV2TS

General information:

  • Ingredients: Cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, and cetyl esters.
  • Aroma: Fresh fragrant smell.
  • UV neutralizers-durably brassy and yellow tones.

Best for summer hair care:

The sun not only damages your skin and hair but also causes saltwater and chlorine on the hair strands. As a result, it easily makes your bleached hair fried.

Not to mention, you tend to wash your hair more frequently to remove grime and sweat in the summer. Such a habit can take more moisture from your hair, leaving it unable to retain the bleached colors.

A recommended practice is to use a deep-conditioning treatment like the Kerastase Blond Absolu Masque.

It features a purple formula, including many ingredients such as Cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, acids, glycerin, etc. They are helpful to banish the undesirable dull yellow and brassy tones, which often occur when you have a buildup of chemicals and minerals after the bleaching process.

Meanwhile, the formula protects the hair from dullness caused by environmental aggressors and pollution when you like to go out a lot in the summer. The conditioner also features ultraviolet neutralizers, which help prevent damage from UV rays – the main cause of dryness and buildups.

In the end, you can expect it to rebuild weak hair fibers and strands noticeably, helping your blonde hair reach a perfect shade and radiant shine.


For the best results, massage the conditioner onto the lengths and ends before leaving it to sit for 5 minutes or 10 minutes based on the neutralization.

So far, so good in summer because there are ingredients to help improve the overall penetration and reduce the brassiness caused by direct sunlight. However, the quick penetration also means your hair might dry quickly if you do not use enough conditioners.


  • Quick leave-in performance
  • Hair color improved
  • Uniform porosity
  • Rich in ultraviolet neutralizers


  • Expensive for a small bottle
  • Much application required

Verb Ghost Hair Mask – Best for Thin Hair

Amazon best-selling product B07RHWG793

General information:

  • Ingredients: Glycerin and moringa seed oil.
  • Aroma: Citrus and grapefruit smell.
  • Free of formaldehyde, gluten, parabens, or mineral oil.

Best for thin hair:

We decided to give this conditioner a try after reading the confirmation from the Verb team that their Ghost collection is formulated to hydrate and nourish hair without leaving it flat and greasy.

On arrival, the Verb Ghost Hair Mask worked as it promised. The main ingredient of the conditioner is moringa seed oil – well-known for its all-star performance. The oil helps strengthen hair to boost silky shine and reduce frizz. You will thank us if your bleached hair is extremely dry and hard to manage.

Plus, the pure and silky hydration adds no extra weight to your tresses. That’s why people with thin bleached hair love this product. It does not cause a heavy feeling and break the hair.

It is also worth mentioning that it is free of formaldehyde, gluten, parabens, or mineral oil. Such information means the conditioner is safe for color-treated hairs and almost all types, from thick to fine, curly to straight.


Like other hair masks, the Verb Ghost Hair Mask works after sitting on damp hair for five to ten minutes. If your strands are heavily bleached and delicate, you might keep the time at a minimum.

It does not mean that you should use this conditioner after every wash, though, rather only skip the regular conditioner and use the Ghost Mask when you feel more hydration than average is needed.

Overuse of this hair mask can introduce silicone dimethicone. In the long run, “dimethicone tends to quickly build up on your strands, preventing water from penetrating your hair cuticle, leaving your hair lank, dry, and damaged.” confirmed by The Cosmopolitan.


  • Affordable deep-conditioning mask
  • Able to smooth strands and detangles
  • Not heavy on thin hairs
  • Quick penetration within several minutes


  • Dimethicone included
  • Artificial sour grapefruit smell

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner – Best for Platinum Blonde

Amazon best-selling product B07CSF96QY

General information:

  • Ingredients: An intense violet toning pigment.
  • Aroma: Cucumber smell.
  • Formulas are free of paraben, vegan, and sulfate elements.

Best deep conditioner for bleached natural hair:

If you plan to have a light-blonde bleach, it’s always a good idea to have a Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner bottle at home. This hair product features a beautiful violet (purple) toning pigment to retain this color’s vibrancy all the time.

For those who might not know, purple conditioners offer a similar package of nutrients like the regular moisturizing conditioners, but with added vibrant violet pigments to prevent discoloration and brassy tones on bleach blond.

The Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Conditioner is no exception. The conditioner offers a violet-tinted formula. When you let it sit on your platinum blonde for some minutes, the purple will cancel out warm undertones opposite to yellow.

Besides, there are emollients and moisturizers such as seed oil and flower extract found. They will soften your blonde and make it more naturally beautiful and comfortable to touch.


Platinum blondes are often porous and fragile. Thus, a regular conditioner is by far not enough. You will want to buy purple bond repair shampoo as well. Use the repair conditioner at least once per week and increase the amount when you notice any brassiness peeking in.

Another small note is that the conditioner can be a bit watery and even weigh down the strands. Thus, it is not recommended for fine hair. Moreover, the smell is not fantastic.



  • Not expensive
  • Vibrant violet pigments to cancel yellow tones
  • Ideal for color-treated hair
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Watery and heavy application
  • Not fantastic smell

Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Mask – Best Drugstore Conditioner

Amazon best-selling product B07CMFW12F

General information:

  • Ingredients: A combination of coconut oil, mango butter, and shea butter.
  • Aroma: Blended with mango and coconut scent.
  • Formulas are free of paraben, vegan, and sulfate elements.

Best drugstore deep conditioner for bleached hair:

Although many users complain that a drugstore conditioner is often not as helpful as a salon conditioner – as some we introduced above, it is with safe ingredients and an affordable price.

Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Mask is a good example.

The mask features a creamy consistency that is soft and cool when you pump it on the palm. We used an amount smaller than the standard conditioner because the mask features many watery components like coconut oil, mango butter, and shea butter.

The slip is undoubtedly surreal, and it feels like the dry bleached hair drinks up intense moisture happily. It becomes soft and smooth right after we rinse out the mask.

As what to expect from a drugstore product, the mask features no parabens highlighted by an unqualified on-pack statement “no parabens.” Thus, it is friendly to color-treated hair, curly hair, and almost all types of hair.

In the end, you could expect a fantastic result confirmed by consumers, like Tshenelle “I wasn’t expecting my hair to feel buttery soft like it usually does after my regular deep conditioning treatments. HOWEVER, my hair felt really good after I rinsed the mask out. I was genuinely pleased with the aftermath.”


Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme comes in a collection of soft sulfate-free shampoo, creamy conditioner, deep-moisture mask, as well as coil enhancing butter. It would be best if you use the whole collection rather than the mask only.

The downside, however, is the thick application on the hair. The smell is not everyone’s cup of tea either. It is over-powerfully fruity for those with a scent-sensitive nose.


  • Blended with a natural moisturizer
  • Easy to be applied to hair
  • Good for all hair types, especially curly hair
  • Compatible with a line of Carol’s Daughter products; thus, less time to research
  • Safe drugstore product without parabens or sulfates


  • Thick application
  • Overwhelming scent

OGX Kandee Johnson Collection – Best Budget

Amazon best-selling product B07XH4J9HW

General information:

  • Ingredients: Cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, and cetyl esters.
  • Aroma: Delicious-smelling mix.
  • Ultra-conditioning ingredients that are gentle on color-treated strands.

Best budget conditioner:

Our first impression of the OGX Kandee Johnson Collection is its colorful and twinkle package. Who can refuse such a tiny beautiful thing? The second to mention is the price. It is nearly half cheaper than other conditioners with similar capacity.

However, is the quality good enough?

We have to admit that the conditioner is not extremely impressive when caring for highly bleached hair. Still, it is acceptable for lightly damaged ones from bleaching, considering that the ingredients are helpful for weak bleached strands such as the glycerin for hydrated function or Cetearyl alcohol for softening purposes.

In addition, the light texture makes it comfortable when applying the conditioner to your hair; meanwhile, you will experience less buildup – the culprit of brassy hair tone instead of beautiful bleach if left untreated.


You should apply the conditioner generously to damp hair and massage the bleached parts so that ingredients can get into the hair and strengthen it from the inside.

Repeat the deep conditioning process twice or three times a week because the lightweight application means the conditioner will lose its function after a short while.


  • Low-priced box
  • Decent smell lingers
  • Lightweight application
  • Safe for color-treated hair


  • Few moisturizing ingredients
  • Frequent application required

Malibu C Miracle Wellness Hair Reconstructor – Best for Swimmer

Amazon best-selling product B07CX3R678

General information:

  • Ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol, Olea fruit oil, and more.
  • Aroma: Orange sorbet smell.
  • Free of gluten proteins and other artificial chemicals.

Best Portable Conditioner:

When you go swimming at the pool, be prepared that chlorine and other chemicals in the water might penetrate through the cap and dry out your bleached hair quickly.

The best practice is to shampoo and add conditioner right after you are out of the pool. Bringing the regular hair care bottle seems inconvenient, so we suggest using some Malibu C Miracle Wellness Hair Reconstructor bags.

Using a formula with Cetearyl Alcohol, Olea fruit oil, and more, the conditioner is expected to cure the damaged and dry hair caused by intense bleaching sessions. Moreover, the bag will drench your bleach with moisture and soak it with a faint orange scent.

The protein found in the conditioner has a positive effect on making deep bonds to the fiber and helps strengthen the strands that are heavily affected by the bleaching process.

Moreover, there is no oil, gluten, and parabens, thus, not causing color fading. Instead, it uses Vitamin E and panthenol to revitalize your bleached tresses, making them smooth like silk.


The conditioner is good as a contemporary conditioner after swimming. However, we do not think the Malibu C Miracle Wellness Hair Reconstructor is an excellent deep-nourishing product. In fact, the moisture created by this product will not penetrate much into the hair and is easily washed off.

That’s why you should use one of the above conditioners to provide extra moisture when you get home.


  • Portable and convenient package
  • Moisturizing for hairs after swimming
  • Lightweight on strands
  • Faint orange scent


  • Not long-lasting effect
  • Additional maintenance required

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep reading to get more information about picking up a good deep conditioner for bleached hair.

Does a Deep Conditioner Really Work for Bleached Hair?

Yes, going blonde is a lot of fun; and the result is gorgeous. Your hair will look stunning platinum. However, you should also be aware that bleach can tear your strands and take away natural nutrients, making the hair straw-like.

Fortunately, having the best deep conditioner for damaged hair – as the name suggests, will penetrate deeply into the damaged strands and cure it.

Take some we introduced you above, for instance, will help strengthen your hair enough to endure the bleaching process.

Can You Shampoo after Using Deep Conditioners?

You had better check the instructions of the manufacturers carefully and use a proper shampoo. Some products have lauryl sulfate, which will remove the oil provided by the deep conditioners.

The best practice is to shampoo your hair first and then apply the conditioners. You might give them some time to penetrate your hair. Then, rinse the conditioners with warm water rather than with a shampoo.

Should You Apply Deep Conditioning Overnight?

Often, deep conditioners are supposed to work within 20 to 30 minutes. However, if your hair is seriously bleached, you can leave the conditioner in while sleeping – as long as the product is the leave-in type.


You’ve bleached your hair to accomplish a specific look. Presently, to keep it sound and appealing, you need to utilize the best deep conditioners for bleached hair. Fortunately for you, there are numerous amazing hair veils out there that reestablish dampness and fix the harm.

Pick your top choice; at that point, return and let us know how it’s functioning for you. You can consider Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask and Aussie Deep Conditioner with Avocado if you cannot decide yet.

The first conditioner provides a salon-grade performance on your hair at an affordable price. The latter is good for an all-star avocado ingredient, which both strengthens and moisturizes your weak bleached strands.

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