What are the best hair weaves for black women? – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how to pluck a wig

We have heard as well as received a lot of question-related to hair weave. For a long time, the topic of weave hair extensions is quite controversial. Some people wonder why African women seem to wear so many weaves while others don’t. What is the difference among many types of weave hairstyles? What are the … Read more

21 Modern Long Hairstyles Ideas for Women | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

For women, hair is considered as something, which can define their personality and fashion sense. Having shiny and long hair can reflect luxury and sophistication if it is arranged in a proper way. This is the reason why women prefer to have long, thick and textured hair. In addition to this, there are long hairstyles … Read more