Choosing the Right Brazilian Hair Weave: Some Basic Tips to Consider – Anwig Beauty Hair

Nowadays, buyers of Brazilian hair weaves have a tougher row to hoe, especially first timers. Why is that? The sheer amount of choices—different brands, textures, colors, styles, and prices—are enough to overwhelm even an experienced weave shopper, let alone a rookie. So with the massive selection of hair in place, how can you choose that … Read more

Lived-In Upstyling: Discover the Secrets to a Soft, Long-Lasting Updo

Weddings are back– and lived-in, organic upstyles are hotter than ever! Brides today are loving updos with natural texture, according to Redken Artist, Sam Villa ARteam member and re:TREAT Salon owner Anna Peters. Anna has 16 years of experience in the hair industry, specializing in blondes, long hair styling and upstyling. She designs gorgeous soft … Read more

Is Malaysia weave hair well? – Anwig Beauty Hair

Malaysian hair is a new trend that many women are wearing to create smooth, straight hair without any hassle. Everyone is dying to get our Malaysian Hair wigs nowadays. Malaysian hair extensions are perfect for creating a hairstyle that suits all A-list celebrities. Due to increasing popularity, there are many questions about this particular hair … Read more