Shampoo for hair extensions – Top 5 shampoos to buy now – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how to pluck a wig

As a hair extensions user, maybe you already know that hair extensions require special shampoos for the washing process. Not all kinds of shampoos you use for your real hair can be used for human hair extensions. So in this article, we will introduce the top 5 shampoos for you to choose the best shampoo … Read more

5 Best Shampoo Bars for Hair

Solid shampoo bars have become popular due to zero-waste bloggers. Plastic-free packaging and a minimalistic set of ingredients are obviously good for our planet, but do these shampoo bars actually work? We reviewed the highest-quality products according to online ratings. Keep reading to know all the pros and cons, and learn from helpful reviews! What … Read more

How To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

With technological advancements, the popularity of synthetic hair has increased dramatically, given its ease of maintenance. Also, human hair is costly in comparison to synthetic hair. The texture and look of synthetic hair in most of the cases is of good quality, mimicking human hair. It also doesn’t require styling before use and can be … Read more

Living Proof Vs Drybar Dry Shampoo : Which is Better for Your Hair? | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

Dry Shampoo is basically something you can use for a quick fix if you are not able to do a proper shampoo. It’s basically like a powder spray that contains a very fine highly absorbent powder that is supposed to spray directly on your roots a scalp is basically skin. And just like the rest … Read more