Is OGX Shampoo Good for Your Hair? All About the Brand & Their Best Products – Anwig Human Hair Lace wigs – how to pluck a wig

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5 Best Scalp Psoriasis Treatments to Help You Control Flare-Ups

From the embarrassing flaking to the continuous need to itch, dealing with scalp psoriasis (suh-rye-ah-sis) can be very frustrating and can even lower self-esteem. Although there isn’t a cure for scalp psoriasis (which sucks), the great news is that there are products and scalp psoriasis treatments you can use to control your flare-ups. What Is … Read more

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When it comes to itchy scalp most people know about dandruff and often believe that is the only cause of itchy scalp as well as the flaking, redness, swelling etc that comes with it. It can be in patches or more diffuse all over the head. However, while this might be a big cause most … Read more