20+ 2 Layer Braids Side Part Medium Hairstyles Ideas – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – transparent lace

Every woman has different hair, so there is no one side part hairstyle that is appropriate for everyone. However, there are a few medium length hairstyles that will suit all hair types. This article includes 20 side part medium hairstyles as well as a link to more medium length hairstyles in case you aren’t completely … Read more

How to Do Layer Braid? Step by Step Guide | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

Layers are great to add texture and volume to your hair, as they can make it tough to obtain stylish hairstyles. While fishtails and French braids will cause layers to drop pieces going wrong, braiding higher on the head can cover layers. Layered hair can be challenging to braid, so experts suggest first to try … Read more

What is Cuticle Hair – Benefits and Purposes of Cuticle Hair – Ombrehair Human Hair Lace Wigs Shop

What is Cuticle Hair – Benefits and Purposes of Cuticle Hair The cuticle of hair forms the outer layer of hair. Cuticle hair is a good material source of human hair wigs. To understand cuticle hair, in this article, we’ll represent the cuticle hair definition, advantages, and purposes.  What is Cuticle Hair? Hair cuticle forms … Read more