4 Hot Air Brush Safety Tips You Should Follow | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

One of the best parts of being a woman is experimenting with all the fun hair tools out there to create beautiful looks that express our personality and sense of style. Hair curlers give us volume and shape, straighteners offer a sleek and chic look, and hot air brushes come in handy when we’re in … Read more

Customize your Hot Oil Treatment with These Natural Oils – Anwig Beauty Hair

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Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments for Natural Hair | MIELLE

From styling and coloring to heat, detangling, washing, and much more, we put our hair through a lot. It is important to keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best, and it’s no secret that hot oil treatments are great for your hair. Whether you have dry or damaged hair, or you are looking for another self-care regimen, you will love how hot oil hair treatment leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny! 

The Dreaded ‘Hot Roots’: What They Are And How to Fix Them • Anwig Beauty Hair

24shares Share Tweet Pin   Hot roots… sadly, they have nothing to do with looking hot. Sure, they can be a head-turner, but not for good reasons. Doing some at-home hair coloring treatment or simply starting out from blonde hair can make you susceptible to this problem. (Mind you, hot roots can happen to redheads, … Read more