Best Toner For Brassy Hair [Top 8 Reviewed] • Anwig Beauty human hair lace front wigs

What is brassy hair? Brassy hair is normal hair but with unwanted color tones such as orange and yellowish hues that none of us actually appreciate. Human hair has a number of underlying color tones that start to appear if you dye your hair red or blond. Coloring your hair might sound voguish but the repercussions … Read more

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Vinegar (Easy Guide) • Anwig Beauty human hair lace front wigs

img#mv-trellis-img-3::before{padding-top:66.402116402116%; }img#mv-trellis-img-3{display:block;} Brassy hair can be a serious problem but you don’t have to struggle with it as much as you might think. There are ways to get rid of brassy hair without investing a lot of time and money in fancy products. Brassy hair is a common problem of blondes, especially after they leave … Read more

Why Blonde Extensions Turn Pink or Orange and Some Easy Fixes | Anwig Beauty Hair

A chemical reaction is the cause of discolouration in human hair that has been processed to blonde. This chemical reaction can turn blonde hair into pink or brassy yellow hair. Learn more about why this happens and how you can fix it yourself. What Brassy Means To understand how discolouration in blonde hair can occur, … Read more