Something about quick cute hairstyles with weave

Weave hairstyles are black women’s best friends whenever they want a fabulous change of color and length. They can get inspired by these amazing quick Weave hairstyles. A quick weave hairstyle is a great option when you’d like to change your hairstyles within a short period, or you are unable to braid your hair.

The quick weave is the perfect solution for people with busy schedules who desire the look of a traditional sew-in.

First, what is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a process by which you bond hair extensions to your hair or a protective cap. Quick weaves are a fantastic option for getting the hairstyle you want without having to sacrifice so much of your time. Quick weaves are convenient because many of us would change our minds daily and wear our hair based on our moods. This process is perfect for quick weave long hairstyles, quick weave bobs, and quick weave short styles.

It’s the faster and more affordable option when it comes to installing a weave because you can install it at home.

Advantages of Quick Weave

The cost to get a quick weave installed is cheap. It’s faster to complete than the traditional sew-in which makes it perfect for those who don’t feel like waiting in a salon or sitting in the chair for too long. If taken care of properly it can last for three to four weeks so that you will get your money’s worth. This technique can be great for protective styles.

Disadvantages of Quick Weave

If you don’t use a protective seal over your scalp, the glue from the hair extensions can pull your hair out. To prevent hair damage use a protective barrier. The adhesive can damage your hair extensions.

What are some cute weave hairstyles?

1. Curly Weave Hairstyles:

Curly Weave Hairstyles
Curly Weave Hairstyles

If you love that intense and thick curly hair textured weaves, you can go ahead. This is one of our top favorite and has to be first on our list. With the medium to long length hair and curly texture, along with the thick stylish and shining weaves, we are in awe with this look. This is a cute and vintage girls with weave hairstyles and ideal for any young women out there.

  • Women with oval, round, and diamond face shape can try this one easily.
  • Those in the 30s age group and the early 40s can look ideal in here.

2. Sew-In Weave Hairstyles With Side Part


First things first: let’s see what a sew-in weave is. The process is easy enough to explain. Your natural hair, independently of its length, will be braided. After that, a synthetic hair weave is literally sewn into the braids using a needle and thread.

3. High Braid Sew-In Weave Hairstyles


Fake hair weaves are also a fantastic immediate solution to achieving the look you want without having to wait for the longest of times for your natural hair to grow out. You can use them to add both length and volume to your hair, like this young woman here.

4. Short Wavy Weave Hairstyle

The ginger thick waves on this look really stand out when they’re cut to a short jaw-line length. To keep it from being too poofy, make sure the roots to mid-shaft are semi straight.


5. The Ariana Grande


Here’s singer Ariana Grande who has been using waves assiduously over the years. Her long, voluminous, high ponytail has undoubtedly become her signature look. However, that is not her real hair. It’s a natural hair straight sew-in weave.

6. Center Part Long Weave Hairstyle


Your stylist should start off by drawing a line at some point at your mid head. This line divides your front view hair into two sections. One section should be sleeked right and the other one towards the left side of the head. Proceed and incorporate a curly-wavy look on your hair and weave on both sides of the head. That’s not all; center part long weave hairstyle is also attributed by your hair stretching past your shoulders.

7. Pretty Sew-In Weave Hairstyles


Contrary to urban legends, sew-in weaves will not damage the hair. However, just like any other type of hair extensions, if you don’t take care of them correctly, they may end up having the opposite effect. It’s all up to you and how much you care about your hair.

8. Sew-In Weave Hairstyle With Bangs


Before having the sew-in put in, make sure you wash your hair properly and you moisturize it. Use hair oil or Argan-oil- or olive-oil-based cream. Conditioning your locks is the key to the procedure being a truly successful one.

How Do I Install a Quick Weave?

Whether you’re going to a Pro or doing it yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the steps to install a quick weave so you know what to expect. Check them out below.

  • Prep your natural hair. Before you start, braid your hair or use molding gel to keep it under the wig cap. You can leave in a side or center part if you’d like to show that off through your weave.
  • Cover your hair with your protective wig cap. After your hair is prepped, secure your hair with a wig cap to keep it safe from the glue. Use two wig caps if you’d like some extra security. You can also add a liquid cap to your hair if you apply glue protector. This will ensure that any rogue glue attaches to the cap instead of your hair. You can also apply the glue protector to your wig cap.
  • Mark your leave out. If you left out a part of your hair, mark that area on your wig cap so you don’t add hair extensions too close to it.
  • Dry your hair. Blow-dry or air-dry your hair if you used molding gel or glue protector on your hair or wig cap. Everything should be completely dry before installing your quick weave.
  • Glue on the hair extensions. The next step is to glue the hair extensions to the wig cap. First, measure the hair extensions around your head to see where you’ll need to cut them. Then, start applying them from the back of your head and work your way in. Allow each section to dry before applying a new track. Once you get close to your leave out, cut that part of the wig cap to let it out.
  • Comb and style your hair. Now that everything is in place, you’re ready to style, cut, and comb through your hair to get your look.

How Do I Remove a Quick Weave?

You can remove a quick weave at home using oil-based products and warm water or by making an appointment with a Pro. Even if you installed a quick weave yourself, we recommend going to a Pro for removal and for post-quick weave care. They’ll have everything you need to safely remove the quick weave and nourish your natural hair afterward. They’ll also be around to answer questions and can help in the case something goes wrong when you’re removing it. If you’d like to remove it at home, you’ll need to take your time with each step to avoid pulling out your hair. However, removing a quick weave should be easy if it was properly installed.

Here’s how to remove your quick weave at home:

  • Clip your leave out so it’s out of the way.
  • Add an oil-based hair product to your hair to loosen the glue. You can use your regular shampoo or pick up a special glue-removing shampoo or conditioner. Leave the product in your hair for a few minutes.
  • Run your hair under warm water. Let the water run down the edges of your wig cap to help loosen the glue.
  • Start removing your wig cap. After that, put your fingers under the wig cap and slowly start removing it. It should easily slide off if it was properly installed.
  • Massage your hair product in the area around your leave out. Your quick weave may get a little stuck around your leave out. Massage hair product around that area to loosen the glue and continue running it through warm water. Take your time here! You might pull out some hair if you rush.
  • Pull off the wig cap. At this point, you should be able to take the wig cap fully off your head.
  • Undo any braids and start washing out excess glue. Use a deep cleansing shampoo to clarify your hair and get rid of excess glue and product. Follow up with some deep conditioning to nourish your hair.

How long does quick weave last?

Quick weaves last about four to five weeks. Shedding is a sign that it’s time to take out your quick weave. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, sleep with a silk scarf at night to protect it while you sleep. You can pin it back or use rollers to preserve curls in a curly weave. You should also avoid oil-based products since oil weakens the glue.


In summary, weave hairstyles are among the optimum solutions for black women seeking a beautiful makeover.

While it’s not recommended that ladies resort to weaves permanently due to potential damage to their natural hair, they’re a wonderful idea for temporary hairstyles.

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