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With Labor Day Weekend creeping up, it’s the last gasp of summer…but did you know that in just a few days of sun, sweat, salt water or chlorine you can cut the life of your weave by 50%? Fear not, you can still work that hair on land or sea all weekend long with just a little care. After all…forewarned is forearmed!

THREAT #1: The Sun

Since all Perfect Locks weaves and extensions are made of 100% human hair…it’s subjected to the same sort of damage your natural hair can be subjected to from excessive sun exposure. UV rays create a “photo aging” effect…that can cook keratin bonds and even weaken tape-ins. Worse still, weave and extension hair lacks your natural hair’s nourishing hair oils that help to protect from loss of moisture. The result? Frizzed, tangled, and dried out hair.

QUICK FIX: Rock a sun hat! Fashionable and fun…they look just as elegant on a blanket at the beach as they do dining outside at a party. For added protection, spritz Perfect Locks INSPIRE Travel Set, it will give you the perfect hair hydration that you need throughout the day. Not only will it keep your weave quenched, it also features a UV protectant to block those harmful rays!

THREAT #2: Sweat

With temps soaring and this summer being one of the dries on record, in no time at all sweat, dust and dirt can buildup in your extension and weave. While it doesn’t affect the bond itself, neglecting to care for any closures or weaves can cause it become smelly, itchy and painful from it not being able to breathe.QUICK FIX: Shampoo, condition and show that hair some love…making sure to keep it fresh, clean and gorgeous. But remember, most likely that shampoo and conditioner you have in the shower contains sulfates (the chemical that creates suds), that is extremely damaging to hair extensions. Instead, use sulfate-free Perfect Locks INSPIRE Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.

THREAT #3: Salt & Chlorine

If you plan on spending some pool time or intend on frolicking in the waves, it’s okay to do so with your weaves and extensions…but with a word of caution. Bonded and taped extensions are fragile when they are wet. Too much time spent immersed in water, can also cause the cuticles in the hair to swell, adding weight to long hair that tugs on your bond. Worse still, the salt in the ocean and the chlorine in pool water can do a number on your add-on hair as much as it does to natural hair…robbing it of essential moisture and causing a buildup of minerals and salts that can make the hair look dull.

QUICK FIX: Go for that swim…but don’t spend hours doing so! When you hit the sand or the pool chair, gently dry your hair and let the rest air dry. If you want to keep your long hair tangle free, you can also style your bonded hair in a braid or in a low bun. To keep salt and chlorine from penetrating your hair extensions, pre-treat BEFORE you hit the water with Perfect Locks INSPIRE Leave-In Conditioner. It will acts as a shield to keep minerals and impurities from penetrating




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