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We have embraced wearable hair as we have any other fashion accessory. Clients are loving their wigs and just about everyone has added their own twist to them. While there are those that keep it simple there are many that change it up. There are a variety of ways in which to wear your hair with a variety of methods in which to clip your hair.


Wigs do not need to be held on by anything as they fit the head in the most natural way; 97% of our clients do not utilize anything when wearing their wigs. There are however a variety of methods that can be used should you require the need to feel additional security while wearing your wig. A few of those methods are shown below.LEARN MORE


Pressure clips are utilized on our clip-in extensions, peek-a-boo extensions and top pieces. Should you feel as though you require additional security you can have some pressure clips sewn into your wig.


Wig bands are utilized around the circumference of the head similar to a hair band. The wig sits on top of the wig band and can provide the feeling of additional  support.



Hair additions are available in various styles and options. Whether you are looking to add height, volume or change your style we have many options available These pieces attach in a variety of methods and are popular for clients who experience hair loss, hair thinning or are simply looking for a change.



These pieces are attached by a drawstring. The piece is typically placed around existing hair and the draw string is pulled tight. The piece is then secured with bobby pins. These hair pieces are popular with formal attire such as weddings, proms etc.



Add on hair consists of an elastic with hair attached to it. The wrap can be put around an existing pony tail to add volume or worn by itself and secured with bobby pins. These are one of our most popular pieces as they are easy and cost effective.


Claw clips are used with many of the larger ponytail attachments. You would create your own ponytail and the claw clip would attach to your own hair creating a fuller look.


An elastic band holds this unit together. It is perfect for wearing underneath a hat or scarf.



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