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The price of a frontal lace wig mainly depends on hair quality and area of lace. 100% human hair wig is definitely more expensive than synthetic hair wig. And the more lace area wig have, the more money it costs. 

All the lace wig is handmade and contain the spirit of craftsman. The lace part craftsman should have stable hand and clear-eyed to make sure every hair is tied on lace. What’s more, they need patience to tie the hair one by one. In a sense, lace wig is not only a wig, but also an artwork.

Therefore, it’s not strange that some top human hair brands(especially offline shops) sell their lace front wigs for $400~$3,000. For those top wig brands, except for the high cost of material, they still need to afford other high costs, like labor cost, rent cost, marketing cost and so on. All of this cost would be transferred to product price and their customer would afford it at final. Let alone that their customers still need to pay for the top brand premium. So, you see? That’s why the price of an offline wig is usually more expensive than an online wig.

You might wonder, ”What if I need a good quality lace frontal wig but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars?”

Good question! That’s why Anwighair was founded.

Affordable price, luxury experience. Anwighair keeps on providing high quality 100% human hair at an affordable price. Without extra cost transfer(Rent of shop/Design and fitment of shop/Salary of shop assistant), Anwighair could provide lace wigs at a very good price.

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