Hair Smoothening – Bring Back Your Smooth, Luster, and Silky Tresses

You are looking for a blissful hair smoothening method to treat your dull and unmanageable hair. In fact, there are numerous ways to tame your locks and make them feel smoother, silkier, and stronger, such as infusing keratin. 

So what is a hair smoothing treatment? Is hair smoothening good? Does it come with any downsides? Let’s look at the details of how the smoothening treatment can work for natural locks.

About hair smoothening treatment

Hair smoothening is a common chemical process that is applied to smooth out hair strands, getting rid of frizziness as well as restoring dry hair. According to hair experts, this treatment is a quick fix for those who are considering hair straightening. Hence, bear in mind that it is not a straightening process.

You can apply this method at home or go to a hair salon for treatment. For example, experts use a hair smoothing keratin treatment to remove frizzy and damaged hair while strengthening hair strands. Unlike a straightening process or relaxer, hair smoothing will not break the natural hair’s bonds. Instead, it infuses keratin into the hair, leaving a smooth and strong hair look and feel. In other words, it makes your curls smoother, softer, and have no dryness. The plus is that you can style and treat your locks immediately after the treatment. 

Does hair smoothening has side effects? 

Hair smoothing works by saturating hair strands and it is safer than hair straightening. It makes curls look soft, smooth, and more natural than other methods. Plus, it does not break the bonds of your natural locks.

However, it is still a chemical process, you should be careful when applying it. The procedure can cause some unwanted effects, such as dandruff, dry scalp, irritation, etc. Sometimes, the chemicals will irritate the eyes if you get in touch with them.

Other hair smoothening side effects:

  • – Hair thinning and chronic hair fall
  • – Dizziness and skin rashes
  • – Dryness and split hair ends

The common process of hair smoothening at a salon

Many beauties choose the in-salon method to achieve beautiful and strong tresses. A well-trained hairdresser knows how to apply the treatment without causing any downsides or adverse effects. Often, an in-salon method works like this:

– Hairstylists wash your locks with a deep-cleansing shampoo. We suggest you use a hair smoothening shampoo in order to get the maximum results. It will wash out all dirt, product buildup, and sweat effectively. Then they coat a layer of straightening solution to your locks.

– Next, they blow-dry your hair and meticulously straighten it with a straightener. This method helps you maintain your desired hair shape for 1-3 weeks.

how to smoothen hair
How to smoothen hair

Additionally, there are other methods of smoothening hair with curls, like keratin treatment, applying creams, or spraying, etc. You can use keratin, hair smoothing conditioner, or creams for natural or processed hair. It finishes with glossy and smooth hair. It takes about 3-5 hours to proceed but it does not pose any unwanted effects.

Nowadays, there are many available products you can use for this process, such as hair smoothing gel, spray, serum, etc. Opt for items containing the ingredients below:

  • – Biotin
  • – Vitamin B5
  • – Keratin
  • – Amino acids
  • – Avocado oil
  • – Argan oil

And more.

Word of caution: If your natural locks are too brittle and thin, carefully consider this treatment before making the last decision. Consult your hairstylist to avoid all potential side effects.

Some hair smoothening home remedies

Besides in-salon methods, you can create your own hair smoothing treatment at home by using the kitchen ingredients available. Here are some in home remedies:

Apply a hot oil treatment

We can say that this is an age-old yet useful treatment of hair smoothening for men and women. Just simply warm any oil you like, such as argan, avocado, coconut, lavender oils, etc., and apply evenly on your locks. Not only smoothen your natural hair texture, it also keeps them in a healthy state and stimulates hair growth.


  • – Choose a hair oil you like and heat it in an oven until it becomes warmer.
  • – Apply the oil across your hair. Massage so that hot oil can penetrate the cortex of the hair as well as scalp. You should massage in circular motions for about 15 minutes since it also helps improves blood circulation to your head.
  • – Leave the treatment to sit for 20-30 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap or clean towel.
  • – Gently wash your curls with a mild shampoo when the time is up. Or you can invest in a hair smoothing shampoo, such as Agave Healing Oil Smoothing shampoo, Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, and so on.
  • – Finally, let your hair air dry and enjoy your beautiful tresses.

Hair rinse with aloe vera

This is an entirely natural method; hence it requires time and patience. To smoothen your curls with this procedure, you have to prepare natural aloe vera gel and water.

You blend these ingredients in a ratio of 1:1 to create a consistent solution. For example, you take 2 tablespoons (tbsp) aloe vera with 2 cups of water and mix them together. Then rinse your curls with this treatment once per week to maintain them smooth and glossy. Keep this hair care routine as it also works to treat dandruff effectively. 

Apply an avocado & banana mask

Besides using commercial hair smoothing serum or gel, you can create a mask for hair smoothing. The combination of avocado and banana acts to minimize frizz and restore the protein in hair, leaving smoother and more manageable strands. Bananas contain amino acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins that benefit your existing hair and body, as well. While avocado has minerals, including potassium and magnesium, and natural oils that help curls look shiny and smooth.

hot oil treatment for hair
hot oil treatment for hair

How-to-do it? You mix an avocado, a banana, and 1 tbsp of rose oil. You can add 1 tbsp of wheat germ oil if you have it at home. Then, blend all ingredients together to make a fine paste. Apply this treatment to your hair and wait for about 30-45 minutes before rinsing it out.

Wrapping up

Let’s admit it, hair smoothening treatment benefits our natural locks. Instead of spending big bucks on expensive hair methods, you can use this simple treatment to reach your desirable smoothing hair effect. It gives you a smooth, soft, and manageable hair look and feel. 

Are you going to try a hair smoothing treatment? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

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