Hair color trend – 7 glamour hair colors that take over 2021 – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how to pluck a wig

More than half of 2021 has passed with the huge influence of Covid-19 all over the world. The beauty industry, just like many other industries, is also remarkably affected by the disease. In spite of that, new hairstyles and hair color trend have still made a strong claim by attracting numerous beauty followers. Below is the list of top glamor hair colors that take over 2021 for you to update and try now for a brand-new look.


  • Black diamond
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Pearl blonde with highlights
  • Matte brown
  • Pink hair with brown roots
  • “Red flavor”
  • Smoky blue

Black diamond

hair color trend 1 7 glamour hair colors that take over 2021hair color trend 1 7 glamour hair colors that take over 2021
Black Diamond

Black hair has never been out of the fashion trend thanks to the true beauty it carries. Black color brings you a shiny and healthy look, and according to Liz Burns, a hairstylist, this black shade represents power, authority, and charisma. Especially, it can flatter various skin tones. With light skin tones, it brings a Snow White effect while with darker skin, it can show off a richer tone. If you want to opt for this black diamond color, remember to choose an inky black shade with a gloss to make it as shiny as possible.

Another option for having this black hair color is black human hair extensions that secure you the natural look and feel thanks to the smooth and tangle-free tresses. Black human hair extensions from APOHAIR come with jet black shade and off-black shade to suit your style. Especially, you can save extra time for styling your hair since our hair extensions come in multiple textures such as straight, yaki straight, natural wavy, deep wavy, kinky curly, romantic curly, etc.

Black human hair extensions from APOHAIR

Strawberry blonde

Be bright on summer days and warm sunshine on winter days is what this charming strawberry blonde can bring you. This sunny hair color trend can also lift everyone’s spirits just by looking at it. Going out with this sweet color, you will surely draw huge attention.  To make this hair color more special, you can try to add an ash rosewood hue at the roots. It will blend into the warm strawberry blonde to create such an adorable color contrast.

Strawberry Blonde

Pearl blonde with highlights

The new color trend seems to always cover different shades of blonde, and this is another option for the fans of blonde color with a brighter and softer tone. However, just like other flattering hair hues, the blonde color requires you to go for the right shade to compliment your skin tone. Therefore, it’s better to opt for pearl blonde with highlights if you have a cool complexion.

Pearl Blonde with Highlights

Matte brown

If you want to find a hair hue that can go with any skin tone, this matte brown will be a good pick. Going for this hue, you should remember to tone your hair longer than usual so that you can have a denser and more long-lasting brown and avoid brassy tones. This hair shade is also considered a first to go blonde.

Matte Brown

Pink hair with brown roots

The most important thing when choosing a style with more than one color for your hair is to make it look as harmonious as possible. With this bright pink color, you can opt for a cold and darker hue in the roots like deep brown color. As you can see, the color combination in this hair color trend creates a soft transition between the deep brown roots and the bright pink tresses. If you like a warmer color, strawberry blonde can be a good choice.

Pink Hair with Brown Roots

“Red flavor”

You may think 2021 is the time for bright hues, but in fact, the darker hue like this mahogany red color is also the big hair color trend to follow this year. The hue looks bold, intense, and simply pretty on brunettes. With this graceful hair color, you can go with a long wavy hairstyle to create the dimension and put a highlight on the seductive hue.

Mahogany Red with Highlights

Smoky blue

If you want to try the blue shades, let feel the blues with this smoky blue. This gorgeous medium-dark toned blue blends perfectly with the brighter aubergine blue highlights to create depth for your soft curly hairstyle. It brings out your cool side while evoking a sense of freedom.

Smoky Blue

You may think some of these above hair color trends will require regular upkeep, or damage your hair to some extent due to the dying process. If you feel hesitant to dye your hair, human hair extensions should be on your list. You can purchase human hair extensions in #1B color (or off black color). This natural black color allows you to dye the hair to the hue you wish.

Alternatively, you can order human hair extensions with the color your like. At APOHAIR’s factory, we produce various types of human hair extensions with the customization as requested by customers besides the standard products. So there will be diverse color options for customers, ranging from highlight, ombre to piano colors, etc. Just contact our sales team to get support.

And now, get ready yourself and update your look with the new hair color trend to enjoy your 2021 utmost.

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