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Just look around the media and you will someway realize that from the most beautiful actress you admire to the top musician or even some talk show hosts, they mostly wear hair extensions. The question is that “What do you know about hair extensions? Let us begin with the very first type of hair extensions right in this blog post. We mean here “weave hair extensions”. What are their benefits and how to apply weave hair? Find out useful information with our following explanation.


  • What is a weave?
  • Why should you get a weave?
    • It protects your natural hair
    • It calls for low maintenance
    • It is the ideal choice for vacation
    • It’s easy and quick to apply
  • Where does the weave come from?
  • What are weaves made of?
    • Human weave
    • Synthetic weave
  • How does the weave work?
    • Apohair’s weave hair extensions
  • How much are weave hair extensions?

What is a weave?

A weave can be understood as a hair styling technique that attaches the pieces of human hair or synthetic hair extensions to your natural hair. With people’s great demands for hair extensions, weave is expected to add length and volume to our hair in the most natural way. Weaves have increasingly become the most basic kind of hair extensions style among women of different stature. You will find that there are also different methods to attach a hair weave such as using glue, using tapes, bonding techniques or sew-in methods.  So far, we have got various names for a weave. You can call it simply “weave” or “weave hair extensions. It can also be called weft hair or sew in hair extensions.

02 weave hair extensions02 weave hair extensions

Why should you get a weave?

It protects your natural hair

We are trying to mention here the most typical reasons for you to take a weave. Firstly, wearing a weave will give you the features of the hair that you may not have. Weave hair extension helps protect your natural hair from the scorching sun. In addition, with the support of weave, you can have any color, length or texture of hair you’d love to. And nothing is too difficult to understand. If you really want to look good, it’s important that you need to get full knowledge of the weaves and their construction so that you can determine which hair works best for you.

03 weave hair extensions03 weave hair extensions

It calls for low maintenance

Most of you know that styling your own natural hair may cost much time and sometimes with our rapidly changing world, women even don’t have enough time to prepare for a new appearance. That’s the way weave comes with us. Once you wear the weave, it will be easy to style even though you are in a hurry.

Some people choose to use synthetic weave as this kind of hair extensions usually come in pre-styled. This means you don’t need to do anything to change the hairstyle. However, what if you get tired of the old texture of the synthetic weave? You know, styling synthetic weave is absolutely difficult as the hair will easily melt at hot temperatures which are caused by the effect of a hair straightener or hair curler. In contrast, human weave is going to give you various ways to style the hair as you wish. Of course, you don’t have to spend much time on the hair.

It is the ideal choice for vacation

Yes, it will not be strange if you here somewhere that weave hair is an ideal vacation hair. Vacations, holidays are meant for rest. That’s why instead of wasting too much time on thinking which hairstyle you need to make by a hairstylist, pick up some hair extensions. Weave hair is going to provide you the best experience as it will let you enjoy the vacation without thinking of how to take care of your hair. Because weave hair is undetectable, hardly can other people realize that you are wearing hair extensions.

04 weave hair extensions04 weave hair extensions

It’s easy and quick to apply

Some people suppose that applying weave is not a quite quick method of hair extensions. However, if you really love to get a new hairstyle which does not require you to style your natural hair, 3 hours for the whole installation is not a long time, right? The sew-in process may take in less than 3 hours depending on the hairstyle you are looking to achieve. This is even much quicker than the time you are going to spend on the hair salon and have your natural hair made.

Where does the weave come from?

When we list the question here, it means we are going to show you the origin of the hair weave. Finding the hair to make weave is a really important step in making weave hair extensions. It is commonly known that there are different women around us who sell their hair for different purposes or reasons. If you have collected the hair from different countries, you can classify them. If you want to explore the best things from Indian hair, Chinese hair or Malaysian hair, you might search for their information and you will see, there are lots of hair enterprises in those countries. And if you are looking for a human hair supplier in Vietnamese, it’s time you connected us and Apohair is now ready to bring you the best hair weave.

05 weave hair extensions05 weave hair extensions

What are weaves made of?

If the previous part is about the hair origin, in this part, we will emphasize on the materials that workers can use in their weave production. We need to call “material” because, in reality, not all hair weave products are from human hair like our natural hair. We list here two main types of materials to make hair extensions: synthetic hair and human hair.

Human weave

If weave hair extensions are from human hair, you can call it human weave. We collect the hair from human hair donors and then take it to the factory for classifying, washing, styling and coloring. People agree that human hair is the best quality of hair extension you will get. Why do we say that? The reason is nothing but it is very similar to your natural hair. There are various forms of human hair but the most popular form is the remy or virgin hair. These two types are both high-quality hair and often, they are from an individual donor. The difference between virgin hair and remy hair is that virgin hair goes through no chemical process. On the other hand, remy hair suffers some chemical treatment. That’s why it is normally less expensive human virgin hair.

06 weave hair extensions06 weave hair extensions

Synthetic weave

Just like the way we name human hair weave, synthetic weave refers to the weave hair extension that is from synthetic fiber. Synthetic hair is another form to produce hair extensions. The hair is made using the microfibers which imitate human hair.  Before using synthetic weave, you need to keep in mind that it can’t stand the heat. Synthetic hair weave often comes styled to avoid the use of heat which will cause the hair to melt. The evolution in the hair industry makes it possible to style synthetic weave by heat, this hair will still melt at high temperatures of hair straightener or hair curler.

How does the weave work?

The way you apply weave to your natural hair also creates different types of weaves. There is no doubt that deciding which type of weave is for you depends on a number of factors: how long you expect it to last, the length and amount of volume you want to achieve. Here, we highly recommend that you should choose the sewing method. This method is when you cornrow the hair into braids and then wefts of hair are sewn onto the braided hair. We suppose that sewing is the best and also the safest option when you want to install weave hair extensions. In general, the sewing method can work well with most hair types. If you are considering wearing a weave, you should be aware of the importance to maintain the condition of your natural hair. Your hairstyle will certainly be natural when the hair quality is good.

07 weave hair extensions07 weave hair extensions

Apohair’s weave hair extensions

Weave hair from Apohair is 100% Vietnamese remy hair which is in the best quality. As it is remy hair, hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. You will not need to worry about hair tangle or hair shedding. We are having thousand items of weave hair which are in various textures, colors, lengths and standards. If you love using hair weave, please visit our website’s collection to determine what you love.

08 weave hair extensions08 weave hair extensions

How much are weave hair extensions?

Price is always in the top criteria in buying decisions. There are many factors that influence the prices of the extensions. They are hair type, hair color, hair texture, hair length and hair standard. Also, the supplier where you buy hair can also be a matter. We advise that you should prepare at least $100 for a quality human hair weave and installation of the hair.

Thousands of types of hair weave in APO’s collection are waiting for you. Contact us to pick up the best quality item and become our companion, will you? APO’s staff are always ready to provide you with the most beautiful hair extensions.

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