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If you have searched online about hair extensions, you absolutely hear about quick weave hairstyles. It’s one of the most favorite application method among black women community. What is its attractive point? What are the best hairstyles for it? Is it easy to take care? In this post, we will solve all your questions. Let’s find out everything about it now.


  • What is quick weave?
  • Best quick weave
    • Bossy bone straight weave
    • Long deep wavy hair
    • Vibrant layered weave
    • Classy side swept weave
    • Vivid blue weave
    • Messy bob with light blonde highlight shades
  • How to take care of quick weave hairstyles
    • Wash your hair correctly
    • Comb it carefully
    • Sleep with satin scarf and pillow
    • Minimize heat uses
  • Where to buy best weave hairstyles?
    • High quality products
    • Wholesale price
    • Good customer service

What is quick weave?

Quick weave is a weave application method in which we use glue to bond the wefts to a wig cap. Hence, we can protect our natural tresses from the glue. What is its props and cons?

02 quick weave hairstyles02 quick weave hairstyles

About props, it is easy to realize that this method is quick and requires less technique than other weave installation ways. It doesn’t take too much time neither. As a result, it charges small amount of money, so you can save some for yourself. In addition, versatility is one of its perks. While gluing tracks of weave to the cap, we can adjust it flexibly to have thick or thin hair style, side part or middle part.

Despite these benefits, quick weave has some disadvantages as well. Unlike sew-in method, quick weave cannot last long because the duration of glue. Normally, every time we wash the hair, the glue will get loosened slowly. Therefore, the average lifespan of quick weave is about 4 weeks while hair extensions with other application methods can stay in for about 4-6 months. After that time, you should take it off and reapply weave again.

Best quick weave

Bossy bone straight weave

03 quick weave hairstyles03 quick weave hairstyles

This hairstyle has been popular in both black and white women community. At first, it was applied to jet black hair which is a totally deep dark color. Thanks to that, women look more powerful and strong which is considered as bossy ladies. However, hair trends change it into different styles from short to long hair, from black to blonde color. However, we cannot deny its edgy aspect to women’s appearance. And I’m pretty sure that this one is the most classic quick weave hairstyles until now.

Long deep wavy hair

Everyone has dreamed of having long hairstyles at least once in a life. And long deep wavy hair is one of them. Whilst straight hair creates an energetic vibe, deep waves with long size will soften your look and bring you a nostalgia for the past. This hairstyle reminds me of European princesses who have naïve and pure beauty. Let’s imagine a long, soft wavy strands running down to your back, it is so gorgeous and stunning.

04 quick weave hairstyles04 quick weave hairstyles

Vibrant layered weave

Stop sticking to a gentle silhouette, you can go wild with this multi-colored locks. This hairstyle is really a bomb to the beauty world which is for bold, fierce and confident girls only. It shows these characteristics of us right at first time. In my opinion, this one is suitable for round-face girl as well. Different layers cause a trick to our eyes to reframe your face. Therefore, you will look slimmer and thinner. Rich shades of blue and purple alongside the black color of the weave complement the skin tone. It is not compulsory to use these colors, you are also free to choose your own hues depending on your skin and your nature. Who says you cannot go soft and feminine with this locks? Pastel tone will help you change it into lovely appearance easily.

Classy side swept weave

A stylish swept-side hair will never disappoint short hair lovers. This simple style will make you chic, sassy and classy at the same time. A warm tone such as honey-brown matches with every skin tone. Especially, for black people who get dark brown skin, this color is a perfect bestie. To emphasize your quick weave hairstyle, you can add total dark hue as Rihanna did. Another option for you, creating some frizzy strands also makes sense.

05 quick weave hairstyles05 quick weave hairstyles

Vivid blue weave

Do you want to stand out in the crowd? This hair colors is for you. No need to make any sophisticated style, light blue itself is so remarkable. Many black people are afraid this color is too light for their skin. However, look at this beautiful girl, do you find her “drowning” in blue hue? The contrast between dark and light tone won’t let you down surely.

You can also get bold and cool with this hair color. Instead of having a voluminous wavy hair, bone straight with half up half down can beat anyone else who wants to dominate your spotlight. Let’s see how Jessi J did, she is amazing with this unique color.

06 quick weave hairstyles06 quick weave hairstyles

Messy bob with light blonde highlight shades

Messy bob is not only chic and trendy, but it is also for naughty and rebellious girls. Depending on how to mix and match with hair color and outfit, you absolutely have 2 different styles in 1 tress.

07 quick weave hairstyles07 quick weave hairstyles

Highlight is a hair color idea to create good dimension for our hairstyles. We can combine any color to make contrast-tone or support-tone. For light blonde color, you should add dark blonde or light brown color to have mild and gentle look. Or else, a strong impression with absolutely contrast of black and blonde will be perfect for fierce and bold girls.

08 quick weave hairstyles08 quick weave hairstyles

How to take care of quick weave hairstyles

Wash your hair correctly

As we mentioned above, hair wash can loosen the glue which causes hair loss, hair shedding. Therefore, you shouldn’t shampoo it too much. Twice a week is an ideal choice for you. Note that, apply shampoo to your hair and don’t cause any pressure to the bond. Instead of scratch your hair, gently use your fingers to both detangle and make it clean.

09 quick weave hairstyles09 quick weave hairstyles

Comb it carefully

If your weave get knotted, you have to use your hand – a natural useful comb to detangle it first. Then, use a brush to make smooth hair. By the way, you need to choose suitable brush for your hair. There are many different types for you to opt. In my opinion, a brittle one is favorable because it has reasonable teeth-width and cause damage free to hair follicles. Another tip for you, don’t comb your weave when it’s wet or you’re in trouble. Wet hair is usually weak so breakage and hair loss can happen when you comb.

Sleep with satin scarf and pillow

It is believed that satin scarf and pillow play great role in keeping hair moisture and making it soft, silky and laid. Also, it causes less tangle and knotless to your weave. Thanks to it, you can save time in combing hair which may consequence to hair damages. This is an amazing way to remain hair textures as well.

Minimize heat uses

Heat results in bad influences to both weaves and glue. While it creates dry hair, breakage to our hair extensions, it is able to melt the glue. Thus, the bond of quick weave hairstyles become weak and fall out. Instead of using drier, you can let you locks dry naturally. To style your hair, you can find non-heat method on the Internet.

Where to buy best weave hairstyles?

If you are looking for a reliable hair supplier to have the best quick weave hairstyles as above, you can absolutely believe in us – APOhair. What do we have?

10 quick weave hairstyles10 quick weave hairstyles

High quality products

With our professional factory which has 1000 workers scale, we collect and select 100% Human Hair with cuticle aligned to produce hair extensions. Thanks to high quality material, our products are:

  • No shedding, no tangle, and no insect
  • Able to last within 2-3 years with proper care
  • Able to dye and bleach to dark blonde color
  • Ready to get styled by hot tools

It’s about 20 years since we joined hair field, we have developed various products that include bulk hair extensions, weave hair extensions, tape-in extensions, clip-in extensions, Keratin extensions, Lace closure, Lace frontal, Ponytail, Hand-tie and wig. Our variation is in hair types, we give many option for clients in hair colors as well as hairstyles. With more than 30 colors and 16 textures, we believe to meet ends need of hair market.

Wholesale price

Unlike other hair vendors, APOhair is a manufacturer who import hair directly. We gain our profit without pay any fee for middle man. Therefore, our price are factory price. While clients wonder about wholesale price and minimum amount, we always apply it to every customer with any quantity. We also make great impression to international customers with diverse option in price as well. Our prices are based on hair standards so that you can choose the best one with high quality products which are suitable to your budget.

APOhair aim at a long and durable relationship with our clients. That’s the reason why we give you an equal chance in price. Besides, we also have special discount policy to big clients and some promotion for everyone annually.

Good customer service

Our team is online 24/7 so that we can support you any time, and respond as soon as possible. Every staff is hospitable and friendly. They are always ready to answer all your wonders about out company as well as products.

Do you want to try the best quick weave hairstyles now? It’s perfect option for a trendy girl who changes locks usually. If you want to know more, please contact our team.

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