Does Purple Shampoo Expire? How to Tell If It’s Gone Bad?

Although most beauty products are designed to last longer than many household items, this doesn’t mean they don’t expire.

In fact, even hair care products like shampoos and conditioners, many of whom are designed for longer lifespans, still have limits when it comes to their shelf lives.

So, what about purple shampoos? Do they expire?

Simply put, yes, they do. Like regular shampoos, purple shampoos also have limitations on how long you can use them, especially after opening the bottle.

With that said, continue reading to learn more about purple shampoos – from what they are and how long you can use them once opened.

Purple Shampoo Expire
Does Purple Shampoo Expire?

Purple Shampoos: An Overview

Numerous factors can affect your blonde hair’s appearance, including chemicals like bleach and chlorine, hair styling products, and even tap water. As a result, your hair can turn yellow or brassy, which can make it look duller and less appealing.

In this case, purple shampoos work well to combat the brassiness and restore some vibrance and glossiness to your blonde hair, whether achieved naturally or through bleaching. Purple shampoos use the concept of contrasting or complementary colors to cancel out the warmer tones in your hair.

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In this case, purple is directly opposite the color yellow, so using purple shampoo helps remove the brassy tones like orange and yellow. As a result, you’re left with more vibrant and richer-looking blonde hair.

Purple and yellow are two opposite colors
Purple and yellow are two opposite colors that cancel each other on the color wheel

Purple Shampoo Shelf Life – Does It Expire?

Purple shampoos aren’t meant to be replacements for your regular shampoo; they’re only designed to be used once or twice weekly for the best results. However, because they’re less frequently used, many people tend to wonder, “do purple shampoos expire?”

In this case, yes, purple shampoos can expire, but the overall shelf life tends to vary from product to product. For most products, the shelf life of a single bottle can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Purple Shampoo Shelf Life
Like any other hair care product, purple shampoo totally can be expired

If you want to be sure, you can check your purple shampoo’s back label, where you can find an image of a container with a number, usually in values of 6, 8, or 12. These numbers indicate just how long your purple shampoo will last.

On the other hand, if there’s no label, this doesn’t mean that your purple shampoo won’t expire. In this case, a good rule to follow is to keep opened bottles only for up to 18 months and unopened ones for up to 3 years at most. 

Of course, you can also check its condition to see if you can still use it even after a long period or it’s past its recommended “use by” date. If its quality is still like how it was initially, this can mean that you can still use it as usual. 

However, it’s best to be cautious about using purple shampoos that are beyond their intended lifespan since this may cause unintended side effects, such as skin irritation, itching, or even allergic reactions.

Likewise, keeping bottles longer than what’s recommended can also potentially cause these unwanted side effects. Aside from this, it can also make your purple shampoo less effective. 

This is because the chemical composition of your purple shampoo’s ingredients may have changed over time. These changes can affect not just how well your purple shampoo works on your hair, but they can be harmful to your skin as well.

Purple Shampoo Expiry: How to Tell If It’s Gone Bad

As mentioned, purple shampoo can expire, and since they’re not designed for daily use, it can be easy to end up with an almost full yet already expired bottle even with regular use.

If that’s the case, how can you tell if your purple shampoo has already gone bad?

The consistency is off.

One of the surest ways to tell if your purple shampoo has already expired is if its overall consistency is already off. For example, most purple shampoos have a thick consistency and smooth texture.

Purple Shampoo Expiry
Your purple shampoo becomes thin and has a residue – it’s probably expired

So, if you find your purple shampoo has a runny and watery consistency and a clumpy texture, it might be an indication that it has already expired. In this case, it might be best not to use it anymore.

It has a foul odor.

Similarly, your purple shampoo’s smell can also indicate whether it’s still suitable for use or not. In this case, if your bottle has a foul odor or already smells unusual, it might be better to get a new bottle instead.

It’s discolored.

Purple shampoos contain purple pigments to combat your hair’s brassiness, but they may lose their vibrancy if your shampoo’s expired. So, if your purple shampoo’s color is already faded or gone, it might be a sign that it’s already expired.

It doesn’t create a strong foam as usual.

Purple shampoos tend to produce the same lather like regular shampoos, so if you can’t determine if it’s already gone bad with the signs mentioned above, you can try to create a lather with it. In this case, if it no longer foams or bubbles as it used to, it might mean that it’s no longer suitable for use.

Less foam than usual is one of the signs
Less foam than usual is one of the signs that your purple shampoo has expired

How to Extend Your Purple Shampoo’s Shelf Life: Some Helpful Tips

If you’re planning to use purple shampoos to revitalize your blonde hair, you’ll need to know how to store them properly if you want to maximize their shelf life.

With that said, you can use the following tips to prevent them from expiring soon after you open them.

Keep the lid tightly closed after use.

Like with any product, proper storage is necessary if you want to prolong your purple shampoo’s lifespan. In this case, exposure to too much air or oxygen can significantly affect how long it lasts after opening.

Therefore, one of the best ways to extend your purple shampoo’s shelf life is by keeping its lid tightly closed after use, limiting the air that gets in.

Moreover, not keeping the lid closed can also expose your shampoo to bacteria and contaminants that can affect its longevity, mainly if it contains natural ingredients.

Aside from keeping its lid tightly closed, another tip to prolong your purple shampoo’s shelf life is by choosing a suitable container. 

In this case, going for a product that has a pump dispenser can help limit its exposure to water and air every time you need to tone your hair.

Keep it free from water.

Similarly, suppose your purple shampoo has too much water. In that case, it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which can make it expire or unusable much quicker.

Keep it away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.

Aside from air and water, exposure to too much heat and direct sunlight can affect your purple shampoo’s composition, making it unusable more quickly.

So, to avoid this, it’s best to store your purple shampoo somewhere dark and cool to preserve its chemical composition. 

Final Thoughts

Purple shampoos are excellent alternatives to salon treatments if you want to maintain your vibrant blonde hair at home.

After all, they help remove the brassy tones from your hair and restore its appearance, making it more lively and glossier than it used to.

However, since they’re used less frequently, finishing a bottle before it reaches its intended expiry date can be unlikely. Fortunately, with proper handling and storage, you can extend its shelf life and maximize its use.

With that said, hopefully, this article has helped answer the question, “does purple shampoo expire,” and give you clearer insights into the shelf life of purple shampoos.


  • Purple Shampoos: An Overview
  • Purple Shampoo Shelf Life – Does It Expire?
  • Purple Shampoo Expiry: How to Tell If It’s Gone Bad
    • The consistency is off.
    • It has a foul odor.
    • It’s discolored.
    • It doesn’t create a strong foam as usual.
  • How to Extend Your Purple Shampoo’s Shelf Life: Some Helpful Tips
    • Keep the lid tightly closed after use.
    • Keep it free from water.
    • Keep it away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.
  • Final Thoughts


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