Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments for Natural Hair | MIELLE

From styling and coloring to heat, detangling, washing, and much more, we put our hair through a lot. It is important to keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best, and it’s no secret that hot oil treatments are great for your hair. Whether you have dry or damaged hair, or you are looking for another self-care regimen, you will love how hot oil hair treatment leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny! 

Beautiful Wavy Hair Extension: Celebrities’ Secret to a Fuller Hair – Anwig Beauty Hair

super double drawn hair

With the summer season quite close, fashion gurus are already trumpeting the latest in spring/summer vogue like khaki, hippie-chic, and reinvented denim. One thing is certain, though. Whatever fashion trend may emerge, long hair will never go out of style.

Pros and Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions | Anwig Beauty Hair

Nano ring hair extensions are a fantastic method, especially for those with finer hair. But what are nano ring hair extensions, how do they compare to other hair extension methods and what are their pros and cons? The process of fitting nano ring hair extensions involves placing individual strands into small sections of hair and … Read more