Can Shampoo Bars Cause Hair Loss? – Yes, Some Ingredients Matter!

Yes, it is possible; if you ask, can shampoo bars cause hair loss. Mostly due to ingredients not suitable for your hair type. Let’s figure out what they are!

Let us guess; you are about to switch from your current liquid shampoo to the bar form, but wondering, can shampoo bars cause hair loss?

We understand your concern, weighing in the fact that your hair is thin or your scalp is sensitive, and strands fall out easily when contacting the wrong hair care products.

When it comes to shampoo bars, many of which cause hair loss – we have to admit. Unsuitable ingredients like formaldehyde and sulfate are far from ideal for hair growth and strength building.

Fortunately, this article will give you helpful information to pick and use suitable shampoo bars.

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Can Shampoo Bars Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, shampoo bars sometimes cause hair loss. Most commonly, your hair requires a short transaction time to adjust to the new shampoo.

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Otherwise, some ingredients of shampoo bars such as thickeners and foamers, preservatives, fragrances and artificial colors, etc. are the reasons to blame.

There is no need to be stressed, though. Keep reading to better understand what causes hair loss with shampoo bars and how to fix it!

We understand your concern!
We understand your concern!

Hair Stress During The Transition Period

When you adjust your diet to plant-based or switch from conventional to natural deodorants, your body needs a while to get used to them before you can see the effects.

So does your hair.

It often takes your hair several days or even a couple of weeks to get used to the new shampoo bars. During this period, it might look dirty and waxy.

It is caused by the reaction of the shampoo to hard water, resulting in a mineral buildup. Besides, the waxy condition is due to the unbalanced oil production in your scalp.

Then, what does it have anything to do with hair loss?

Mineral or oil does not result in hair loss by themselves, but it clogs your hair follicles and traps flaking dandruff. New hair cannot grow while old hair falls off, so you find your hair thinner over time. Even worse, bad-looking hair puts you under more stress, which indirectly causes hair loss.

Worry not when you face such a situation and refer to some tips as follows to accelerate the transition duration. Your hair will look better soon:

  • Positively thinking that natural shampoo bars are a way to detox your hair from harmful chemicals.
  • Find a suitable product and also learn how to use it properly on your hair.
  • Not rub shampoo directly on hair but using your palm instead. Also, avoid using the bars too frequently.
  • Clean your hair with soft water. You must check whether your water supply is hard water by looking for a ring left around your bathroom.
  • Wash your hair with baking soda several times between the shampoo bars. It helps unclog the hair scalp and remove the bar residue.
  • Make friends with apple cider vinegar as well. It works as a conditioner after shampooing. The vinegar smell subsides quickly when your hair starts to dry.

Irritating Ingredients On Shampoo Bars

If your hair does not improve after you have tried the new shampoo bars for several weeks, then it is no longer a transition period to blame. Instead, at least one of the shampoo bar’s ingredients might be the culprit. Some might not be best friends with your hair type.

Although most manufacturers advertise their shampoo products to be environmentally friendly, not all the ingredients are natural.

If you find too much foam, stop the shampoo bars!
If you find too much foam, stop the shampoo bars!
  • Thickeners And Foamers

Shampoo bars don’t often excel in producing bubbly lather.

Supposedly, their ingredients might contain foamers and thickeners like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Those substances can strip hair strands and break down essential proteins, leading to a disadvantage for hair growth.

  • Preservatives

Do not be surprised; preservatives such as Quaternium-15, parabens, and formaldehyde are commonly found on haircare products to lengthen the duration of the shampoo bars or keep them in shape.

Those preservatives are the common reason for scalp inflammation and also allergies – another factor to increase hair loss.

  • Fragrances And Artificial Colors

Unfortunately, natural shampoo bars are not usually scented and colored attractively. If they have a lovely pink or green color – not all the time, but there might be harmful colored chemicals.

Those artificial fragrances and colors cause your hair to be stressed and fall out more.

  • Greasers

Some ingredients, including petroleum, lanolin, mineral oils, etc., can weigh down your thin hair and prevent natural oils from penetrating your scalp. Without enough nutrients, your hair is weakened and lost.

How to Choose Shampoo Bars to Avoid Hair Loss?

As said, one tip for dealing with hair loss is to pick shampoo bars suitable for your hair types. We suggest shampoos for thinning hair most of the time because all ingredients are light and natural.

Three Types Of Shampoo Bars

There are three main technologies applied in manufacturing shampoo bars, which are:

  • Glycerin-based Shampoo Bars

These haircare products are often gentle to your scalp since glycerin is a natural humectant. Not to mention, they attract water and help hydrate your hair effectively. For that reason, those shampoos are ideal if you have dry and sensitive scalps.

However, you want to be mentally prepared for a “waxy” transition, considering that many manufacturers include palm oil in the ingredients.

  • Cold-pressed Shampoo Bars

Most ingredients of shampoo bars are organic without harmful ingredients. As a result, they are made with a saponification process to mix fixed oils with an alkali to produce a soapy shampoo.

This type of shampoo bar is full of oils. You will want to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to remove all waxy residue.

  • Solid Surfactant Shampoo Bars

Those bars of shampoos are supposed to excellently lather and with balanced pH levels, thanks to surfactant ingredients. If you are worried about hair loss, stay away from them, though.

The surfactant components are harsh on sensitive scalps, resulting in hair loss, as we mentioned above.

Your Hair Type

You want to consider your current hair conditions as well before switching to a shampoo bar.

For instance, if your hair is dry, you will enjoy the shampoo bars to have coconut or natural oils in the ingredient list. Nonetheless, too many oils can cause residue buildup and even hair loss.

Are you a proud owner of a beautifully colored mane? If so, you will always want to avoid sulfate shampoos and look for rich nutrients to fix hair breakage.

And if your hair falls a lot, you had better keep off shampoos with foamers, thickeners, preserves, and artificial scents.

Shampoo Bars For Thinning Hair

Shampoos designed for thinning hair are proven to fix hair loss most effectively. They often feature ingredients that optimize the scalp environment and, in turn, encourage hair growth.

  • Menthol to clear itching and flaking situations.
  • Salicylic acid forms a scalp mask and gently gets rid of dead hair cells.
  • Methyl nicotinate aids as an active vasodilator.
  • Vitamin B6 and azelaic acid block testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone.
  • Natural oils in a suitable amount to strengthen hair from the root.

Three Best Shampoo Bars for Thinning Hair!

Ethique Volumizing Shampoo Bar – Best for All Hair Types

Amazon best-selling product B07572QDSY

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Ethique Volumizing Shampoo Bar is not a strange name on a shampoo bar review, considering how user-oriented it is created; it is soap-free, pH-balanced, and safe for color-treated hairs.

Hero ingredients of the shampoo include cocoa butter, salt, and coconut oil with no petrochemicals or palm oil.

Salt is known for adding heaps of volume to soften and add a natural spring to grow your thinning hair from the insides.

The only disadvantage is that the product is not foaming too much, resulting in the feeling that your hair is not fresh directly after the shower. No worries, you can double clean your hair with soft water.

Ethique Dandruff Shampoo Bar – Best for Sensitive Scalp

Amazon best-selling product B07571LXYD

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When your scalps are sensitive, they are more vulnerable to itchy experience, dandruff, and even hair loss. Thus, treat your hair kindly with a light and natural shampoo bar like Ethique Dandruff Shampoo Bar.

The ingredients are Karanja oil – the main component, oatmeal, and neem oil. Together, they create an excellent lathering experience to clean out dirt and dandruff. Meanwhile, the oil will ease dry scalps with moisture.

Like other products of Ethique, the product excludes cruelty and palm oils. Another perk is that you won’t have the feeling of waxiness at all.

However, some customers have complained that the shampoo quickly falls apart, so you want to always dry them with a soft cloth and let it air dry for a few minutes after every shower.

CUSH Cosmetics Mango Babassu – Best for Growing Curly Hair

Amazon best-selling product B012LCKUW2

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Curly hair always brings an energetic oomph to its owner, but it is very particular regarding maintenance. Its texture and shape make curly hair hard to clean and absorb nutrients. Thus, curly hair tends to loss significantly.

Fortunately, CUSH Cosmetics Mango Babassu will help.

The shampoo is made of fair-trade Babassu and Peppermint oils, along with Rosemary and Bangladesh mango butter. They will gently open up the hair’s cuticles to clean and moisture every shaft.

After using, you will find your hair more volumized and elastic, making your curls grow quickly and become even fuller and shinier.

So far – so good, except that the bar dissolves quickly without proper maintenance and storage. You want to dry it after use and store it far from damp environments.


Can shampoo bars cause hair loss? Yes, mostly if you choose improper products that are not suitable for your hair type.

We hope you already acquire some information from the article to pick up a helpful shampoo bar in treating hair loss.

And know what? Stress causes the hair to fall more. Thus, take it easy and do the right things with your hair care routine to curb this issue!


  • Can Shampoo Bars Cause Hair Loss?
    • Hair Stress During The Transition Period
    • Irritating Ingredients On Shampoo Bars
  • How to Choose Shampoo Bars to Avoid Hair Loss?
    • Three Types Of Shampoo Bars
    • Your Hair Type
    • Shampoo Bars For Thinning Hair
  • Three Best Shampoo Bars for Thinning Hair!
    • Ethique Volumizing Shampoo Bar – Best for All Hair Types
    • Ethique Dandruff Shampoo Bar – Best for Sensitive Scalp
    • CUSH Cosmetics Mango Babassu – Best for Growing Curly Hair
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