Body Wave VS Loose Wave — Which Hair to Choose?

Girls love trying new hairstyles and experimenting with trends. We can easily identify a series of straight hair, curly hair, short hair, and so on. A loose wave or body wave may be the first choice for curly hair trying. However, are you familiar with the difference between loose waves and body waves? Body wave hair VS loose wave hair, do you know what is better for you?

Loose Wave

body wave wigs
body wave wigs

First, let’s get down to the distinction between these two styles. The difference between body waves and loose waves is puzzling when we are choosing appropriate wigs. They are a very close one. Loose Wave hair is made of natural virgin hair. It may be Brazil’s loose wave, Malaysia’s loose wave, Peru’s loose wave, or India’s loose wave. They are made in bundled, which is easy for consumers to choose from.

The very first thing you can wonder about when you hear loose wave hair, which signifies a more wavy and curly hair.

Usually, loose waves are tighter and smaller than body waves. But compared with body wave, the loose wave has several other prominent features which you may not know much about it. Let’s discover this style!

  • Remy hair always looks good and easy to care for. So does the Body wave; girls with varied tastes may have different preferences for them.
  • The curls are tight, but they are not too close. They can be loose as well, especially after the shampooing.
  • The loose wave’s extension means the hair’s curl pattern is more curly than the body wave’s extension, for which the most remarkable trait.
  • Loose wave hair is luxurious. The luster can be energetic and bouncy. Meanwhile, the sheen of loose wave hair can be reduced to a more natural look. So we can say it’s versatile!
  • After shampooing. Fluffy curls are the exact meaning of the loose wave.
  • Safe drying and dyeing hair bundles to customize the look.

In short, the loose wave’s extension means that the hair curl pattern is more curly than the body wave’s extension and more fluffy after the shampooing.

Body Wave

loose wave wigs
loose wave wigs

The result is a consistent deep “s” pattern on the entire hair clump when the hair is shaped into waves, and the original wave hair clump also tends to have a glossy feel and look.

This style of hair is smooth and soft. This hairstyle can last longer if handled properly and doesn’t need extra special care.

  • Body wave hair is a loose, natural hairstyle. It has features of straight rolling waves.
  • Body wave curls appear more carefree.
  • It’s easy to keep the hair’s style.

If you’re interested in curly hair, your first choice will indeed be body waves. It can mix with your original hair well and make your hair look more natural. It is possible to use Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and Peruvian hair while producing body wave patterns (bundles), to ensure high quality and development of Indian body wave, Peruvian body wave, and Brazilian body wave.

Any hair texture has its unique characteristics, which allows users to pick their favorite hairstyle based on their preferences.

The body wave has an “s” pattern, giving it some big wave curl. Body wave has an eternally beautiful attribute that keeps its appearance shiny and smooth as well as silky touch.

No unique or special treatment or maintenance is necessary for the hair. No tangle, no shedding. The stunning look and easy maintenance make it a brand with the best selling.

Which Hair Do You Choose?

Whether it’s body wave hair or loose wave hair, it’s the best virgin human hair, without chemical treatment. Fayuan uses only 100% unprocessed human hair, tangle-free, and thoroughly tested in various climate environments. To sum up, the loose wave is more undulating compared to the body wave. Fashion women accept both body waves and loose waves. It will make you look good, no matter what hairstyle you choose.

Just choose it according to the texture of your hair or only your tastes. Beauty means you can be yourself in any way. Girls should know that they can appear in any form they want. There is no problem with your choice of representing yourself. You should feel comfortable with your crown.


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