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Hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions or hair weaves, have become the surefire way to get your dream hair. You’ll no longer have to spend years growing and taking care of your hair to get your Rapunzel-like lock thanks to the invention of hair extensions. Unfortunately, the fact that hair extensions are becoming a huge cash cow of the hair industry makes it hard for you (or any of us, in fact) to find a reliable supplier. So, if you’re still struggling with choosing which brand to go for, check out some of the best weave online stores you may want to note down.

01 Finding the Best Weave Online Stores01 Finding the Best Weave Online Stores


  • Best Weave Online Stores
    • #1 APO Hair
    • #2 UNice 
    • #3 Nadula Hair
  • Criteria for a Reliable Weave Online Store
    • #1 Hair Quality
    •  #2 Customs Support of Weave Online Stores 
    • #3 Trustworthiness

Best Weave Online Stores

With the development of technology, online payment and the increase of demand, the number of hair extensions shop are rising very fast. If you’re to find some reliable weaves online shops, then you’re in the right way. We’ve rounded up some of the best virgin hair weave brands that are, to our belief, a must-try.

#1 APO Hair

hair extensions from APOHAIRhair extensions from APOHAIR

APOHAIR is one of the best weave online stores that supply 100% Vietnamese Real Remy Hair to the international market. We have had 25 years of experience in the hair industry and have built a steady foundation, as well as a group of two hundred excellent staff, including workers and office employees, who are professional, creative, and loyal with the company. We always get new challenges with three criteria:

Customer is Top concern: we consider us to be customers. The first thing we implement is to examine the customer’s trend in particular areas and make them satisfy. It is also our spirit throughout the above criterion.

03 Finding the Best Weave Online Stores03 Finding the Best Weave Online Stores

Continuous development: We learn and try ourselves continuously to make the best products and decrease price’s products, and to be a leading position in the global market.

High quality: We always sure that all of the goods gain the highest values and quality, and we made them from the best raw material. As a result, our products get international standards to comply with the “APO” brand.

Coming to APOHAIR, there are many types of hair extensions for you to choose. With the variations of textures, length sizes, hair standards, you can free opt the hairstyle you want. Visit website Here for more details description!!!

#2 UNice 

UNice is considered one of the leader weave online stores of China-based online brands for weaves. UNice hair is one of the most go-to locations for women all over the world, who are looking to high-quality hair extensions at affordable prices. For a long time, UNice hair is sought after by many thanks to its wide range of hair textures as well as hair types. 

With the concept of “Focus on queen’s beauty”! UNice is specialized in creating the trendy high-end human virgin hair products, which highlight nobleness and elegance of women. Recently, UNice has become the preferred pursuit of modern women carrying a chic, sophisticated styles with exquisite workmanship. UNice has also won reviews and helped millions realize their dreams of becoming a queen. Time may fly beauty ultimately lasts forever!

#3 Nadula Hair

Nadula hair is another leading manufacturer weave online stores in China’s hair industry. They provide hairs to customers from all corners of the world, most of which are from Africa. What makes the brand so famous is that they instill the concept of “It’s not just hair, it’s a supreme pursuit of beauty” and has devoted itself to supply natural and comfortable hair products to all of the women.

Same as most human hair sellers, Nadula sell very wide variety of hair products, such as hair bundle, closure and frontal, hair extensions, oh, also have hair wig, all these have multiple attributes for choose.

Nadula’s social media:

Facebook have more than 111K like and more than 114K followers;

Pinterest have 5k followers;

Instagram have 83.2K followers;

YouTube have 18K subscribers;

have 1.87k backlinks from 244 websites now.

Criteria for a Reliable Weave Online Store

If you go online in search of hair extensions shops, you’ll catch a dizzying spectrum of choices. There’re too many options for you to choose from, and for that reason, it’s important that you compare them in different categories to get the idea of what hair to pick.

#1 Hair Quality

Hair qualityHair quality

Quality is indeed the core factor of not only hair but any types of goods available in the market nowadays. A buy-worthy weave online store is one that sells the best quality products. They know what the customers expect and make efforts to improve the hair quality from raw materials. The manager has to guarantee as 100% human hair taken from a real human head, and they have to have the same attributes as your natural locks. A qualified set of hair extensions have to be kept in its best condition by getting the essential nutrition they need just as when they’re still on human scalps.

weave hairstylesweave hairstyles

Weaves are classified based on different standards. At the top end of the market, there’s “virgin” hair – hair that has never gone through any chemical process – and “Remy” hair, which are taken directly from the donor. On the other hand, we have the “standard hair”, which is often used as a more marketable term for comb waste. It may be surprising but chances are that your flawless silky weaves start their lives as hairballs, collected from combs and plugholes.

 #2 Customs Support of Weave Online Stores 

A qualified weave online store knows how to treat its customers rightly. They will have to ensure that the visitors have the best experience on their website as well as the service they provide so that the customers will want to come back for another purchase. When running an online store, it is important to bear in mind that unfortunate it could be, yet always expect to have returns and be sure to answer any questions from your customers as well as consider all the comments – either positive or negative. All in all, just make sure your company provides the most outstanding customer service and you’ll be the best weave online stores.

#3 Trustworthiness

It’s no secret that the feeling of trust and security is one of the most considered criteria for online shopping in general and for the best weave online stores in particular. Whether through the website or through your social network platforms, you must ensure that you earned your visitors’ trust no matter they buy your products or not. Keep in mind that private information such as credit card numbers, addresses, or phone numbers are always of top confidential, and under no circumstance should you give out these to anyone.

These are just some to name, there are hundreds of high-quality weave stores online, even online shopping platforms like Aliexpress or Amazon can provide you the hair extensions to your liking. Having said that, there might be hairs that are mixed with fibers, so it’s best that you make quality checks ask your friends who are experienced in choosing hair from online shops before you get your weaves. 

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