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In today’s fashion-savvy world, one can’t resist styling their hair into a new hairdo every day. Plus, it is also pointless to wait for hours for your hair to dry off naturally, when you can blow dry them in a few minutes.  But putting heat rods and blowing hot air on your hair regularly can really damage the quality and texture of natural hair.

So, it is important for you to buy a blow dryer that can’t be used according to your needs without excessively damaging your hair.

If you are planning on investing in a new blow dryer for natural hair, then here are few pointers that you should keep in mind before buying one. How often you plan using a blow dryer plays an important role, in the type of blow dryer you should buy.


  • Quick List of Top Hair Dryers
    • How to Choose the Right Hair Dryer
  • Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair
    • 1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
    • 2. JINRI-104A 1875W Infrared and Ionic Hair Dryer
    • 3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
    • 4. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance
    • 5. T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer
    • 6. BERTA Professional Hair Dryer 1875W
    • 7. CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer
  • How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

Quick List of Top Hair Dryers

Here are the top products featured on this list, Linked to Amazon:

  1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
  2. JINRI-104A 1875W Infrared and Ionic Hair Dryer
  3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
  4. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance
  5. T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer

People who intend on using a blow dryer on a daily basis should invest in professional blow dryers that ensure to prevent maximum hair damage, however, if you want it for rare use, you can invest in any blow dryer in the market.

How to Choose the Right Hair Dryer

  • Power Settings: Blow Dryer with higher power wattage will allow you to dry your hair faster. An ideal blow dryer should have power wattage from 1800 to 3600. They will help in cutting the drying time, which will automatically result in minimizing the hair damage.
  • Heat Settings: The more buttons and features the blower dryer, the better it’s going to be for your hair. Ensure to check the heat settings and levels on the blow dryer also cool shot button shot is a must on your list during this search. A higher heat setting will allow you to remove moisture from your hair while a lower air setting will help in styling your hair.
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic: If your goal is to have soft smooth hair then you should buy a blow dryer with tourmaline and ceramic technology. Ceramic technology helps in distributing an even blow of heat, which prevents causing dryness in a particular strand. While Tourmaline is a form of mineral that seals the cuticle and retains moisture in your natural hair.
  • Attachments: We all know Nozzle attachment can help in concentrating airflow directly towards a particular direction, allowing users to dry off their hair completely from its roots to tips.

Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair

Now that we have listed all the essential elements that make a blow dryer perfect, let’s look at some of the best blow dryers available in the market currently.

1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is a professional blow dryer that comes with a long-life motor, which has 6 speed and heat settings that allow users to dry and style their hair, without damaging their hair. Its front is designed with a narrow barrel which helps in maximum air pressure and giving desired results.

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  • Heat Settings: BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer has 6 air pressure settings, with heat and cold blow features that allow users to adjust the hair drying tool according to their needs.
  • Narrow Barrel: This Dryer has a narrow barrel that concentration airflow in a particular area, drying the moisture from hair scalp, and roots.
  • Easy to Use: It is easy to use, and also comes with a manual that will allow users to easily switch between its heat setting and air pressures.
  • Sale Offers: The blow dryer is available on sale, pretty much on every e-commerce website, which makes it a hot deal, for all your fashion queens.
  • Ceramic Technology: It is designed by ceramic technology that helps in distributing the heat evenly on the hair, helping it to dry faster, without damaging their quality.


  • No Attachments: This dryer doesn’t come with any attachments, like nozzle, etc, which can be seen as a disadvantage for its sales.
  • Narrow Barrel: As we have already discussed that it has a Narrow Barrel, which can take hours for completely drying the entire head.

2. JINRI-104A 1875W Infrared and Ionic Hair Dryer

JINRI-104A 1875W Infrared and Ionic Hair Dryer are designed with an AC motor that offers professional salon standard drying and styling results. It has functions like far-infrared and Negative ionic that help in minimizing heat-induced damage on the hair while reducing frizz. It is considered as one of the best in the market.

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  • Grip and Handle: JINRI-104A is has a curved handle on its Ionic Hair Dryer which promotes easily handling.
  • Power: The blow dryer works on 1875 watt power, which produces enough heat within a few minutes to dry off anybody’s hair.
  • Quick Drying: The company promises to make your hair dry within 5 minutes with this product.
  • Leave your hair Smooth and Shiny: The dryer ensures to remove moisture from hair, without making them dry or frizzy.
  • Speed and Heat Settings: The dryer comes with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings, with a cool shot function to flexibly dry your hair into a different hairstyle.
  • Flexible Cable: This dryer comes with a 1.8-meter long professional cable, which makes it easy to use.
  • Attachments: It also comes with a removable filter, nozzle, and a diffuser.


  • No Ceramic or Titanium Technology: It doesn’t comprise any additional hair protect the technology that helps in protecting your hair.
  • Only 2 Speed Setting: It only has a two-speed setting consisting of high and low, which doesn’t allow users to opt for a medium speed of airflow.

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer is a 2000 power watt blower, which is designed with Titanium technology and an integrated Ion generator that helps in making your hair smooth and silky, within a few minutes without causing any hair damage. BaBylissPRO being one of the pioneers of professional hair styling tools is known as simplifying hairstyling for every household. It also comes with a removable filter, which makes it easier to clean and operate.

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  • 4 Year Manufacturing warranty: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer comes with a 4-year warranty on its manufacturing, which makes it an idol choice for clumsy people.
  • Make Hair Shiny and Smooth: In its product testing’s the product, became popular for making its user’s hair shiny and smooth like silk strands. It also helps in reducing static and frizz from your hair.
  • Easy To Handle: Its curved handle makes it easier for its customers to use it at any time. It comes with 6 speed and heat settings, which can be changed by the user anytime according to their need.
  • Power: The dryer has a power of 2000 watts, which helps it in promoting fast drying.
  • Cool Shot Button: It also comes with a cool shot button, which can be used by the customers to style their hair.
  • Attachments (Nozzle): The dryer also comes with a removable narrow nozzle which can be useful in blowing any concentrated air on your hair.


  • Heavy: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer is relatively heavier to carry and manage, compared to other hairdryers available in the market.
  • Slow Drying Time: It also demands more than 15 minutes from its users to dry their hair off completely. And its heavyweight doesn’t help in this case, as it can really end up causing pain in the user’s arm.
  • Pricey: It is a little pricey for the limited buttons and features that it offers.

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance

Get ready to up your hairstyle game with Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance blow dryer, which comprises of an AC motor, that makes it effective and efficient, while also making it more durable. Now dry your hair, and make them silkier and shiny with this blow dryer. It comes in a two-tone beautiful pink ombre finish, which can potentially add more glam quotient on your dressing table.

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  • Power: Conair’s Infiniti Pro comes with 1875 Watt power that makes it an amazing hair dryer for natural hair for regular use.
  • Extra Fast Drying: Infiniti Pro features a narrow barrel with a power wattage of 1875 that ensure to dry off each and every hair on your scalp, at extra fast speed, saving you time and energy.
  • Concentrated Nozzle: It comes with a concentrated nozzle which allows users to dry their hair properly, by concentrating on a particular section of hair.
  • Ionic Technology: It is designed with an ionic technology that helps in reducing hair frizz up to 75 percent, compared to any other hairdryer in the market with the same technology.
  • Removable Filter: Its removable filters make it easy for the users to clean and manage the product at any given time.
  • Hang Ring: It comes with a small hang ring, which can be used to hang the product anywhere.
  • Cool Shot Button: It has a power cool shot button, which can be used to add waves, curls, or create any other hairstyle on the hair.


  • Heavy: The blow dryer is really heavy for a hairdryer, which makes it difficult around in your bag.
  • Straight Handle: It handle can make it uneasy for the users to hold in for 15 minutes while drying their hair.
  • Heat Setting: It only has 3 heat and 2-speed settings, giving its users no option to choose a middle option.

5. T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer

Experience a new type of hair drying technology, which helps in making your hair healthier and beautiful with every use.  Featherweight 2 is a blow dryer designed with advanced T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire technology which helps in drying your fast, without damaging them. It is one of the most popular hair dryers for natural hair, which is considered ideal for all hair types.

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  • Ceramic & T3 Tourmaline: It is designed with technologies like ceramic and T3 tourmaline which emits negative ions and also helps in fast heating for healthy drying.
  • Heat Settings: T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer comes with 3 heat settings and 2-speed buttons which can be used to make multiple hairstyles on any type of hair texture.
  • Long Life Motor: Its motor is manufactured by a reliable resource, which guarantees amazing performance.
  • Quiet & Light: Its well-balanced design makes is light and easy to use, it also doesn’t make noise during its operation, which makes up for the perfect drying experience.
  • Cool Shot: It also has a cool shot button that can give your hair a relaxed blow of chill for attaining a smooth finish.


  • Over Heat: Sometimes the dryer can overheat if used for more than 20 minutes.
  • Can Create Frizz: It only has two-speed options, of high and low, and its high-speed option is often reviewed to create frizz in the hair, because of it strong power blow.

6. BERTA Professional Hair Dryer 1875W

BERTA Professional Hair Dryer comes with power of 1875W and Negative Ions technology that prompt hair to dry faster, without losing their shine and texture. It runs on an AC motor, which ensures to provide appropriate fan spend and produce the right amount of heat, as selected by the users. It is a lightweight hair dryer that can be used by any amateur without any struggle. So unleash the stylist within you with BERTA Professional Hair Dryer 1875W Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer. It is also certified by ETL and ensures to dry your hair within 5 minutes.

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  • Settings: It comes with 2 fan speed and 3 heat settings which are easy to adjust and use.
  • Power Cool Shot: It also comes with a cool shot that can be used to style your hair into different professional hairstyles.
  • Fast Hair Drying: It comes with an AC motor, which is known for producing more powerful airflow that helps in the quick drying of your hair.
  • Reduced Noise: Unlike other blow dryers, BERTA Professional Hair Dryer 1875W Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer is known for being fairly quiet, despite having an 1875 Watt motor.
  • Durable: Its AC motor helps in making it 4 times more reliable and long-lasting than any other dryer in the market.
  • Negative Ionic: This technology helps in making it a hair-friendly product, which promotes healthier hair while also reducing hair static.


  • Short Cord: The blow dryer comes with a short cord, which can be a problem if your mirror is a few feet away from your switch.
  • Delicate Quality: It is made of poor quality plastic, which looks very delicate, which is likely to break taking a few subtle hints.

7. CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer

This Ceramic Hair Dryer is designed by professional hairstyle product manufacturer CHI Professional, which comprises ceramic technology and that enhances your natural hair by producing moisture and shine in them. It runs on 1500 Watts power, which comes with two speeds setting of high and low. It also comprises of far infrared that help in drying off the hair at a 40% faster speed.

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  • Ceramic technology: This helps in ensuring that the hairdryer, doesn’t damage the hair texture while producing moisture and shine in your hair.
  • Low EMF: CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer is known to produce lower EMF (Electromagnetic field) which promotes a safer environment.
  • Light Weight: It is designed to weigh only 1.5 lbs, which makes it perfect for traveling. It also produces minimum sound during operation, which ensures a relaxing hair styling experience.
  • Diffuses Water: This blow dryer balances the moisture in your hair while diffusing water in your hair which will prevent them from getting dry or frizzy.


  • No Cool Air Setting: CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer doesn’t have a cool shot air setting which is one of the most popular complain that its users have regarding this product.
  • Power: It only has 1500 Watt which can take longer for drying your hair completely.
  • Can Cause Friskiness in Curly Hair: If you have curly, then you might want to think before buying this product, as it can take over 20 minutes to properly dry thick, which during this time, produce static and volume due to the induced heat produced from the blow dryer.
  • Doesn’t Enough Heat: The blow dryer doesn’t produce enough heat to dry off the hair, within a few minutes; so be prepared to hold it for half an hour if you plan on buying it.

How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

Now that we have listed down all the factors that you should consider while purchasing a blow dryer and have also listed some of the really good blow dryers for natural hair. Now, it’s time we take you on a guide on how to properly use a blow dryer without damaging your hair.

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Step 1: Wash Your Hair

There is no point in blow-drying dirty hair, as they will look rough and dry. So first and foremost you need to wash your hair with any regular shampoo. For better results, users can also apply a conditioner after washing their hair, for a soft smooth texture.

Step 2: Use a Towel to Stop the Dripping

Once you have washed your hair, use a towel to soak all the excess water from your hair. However, avoid rubbing the towel on your hair as the friction produced from rubbing can cause frizzy dryness and split ends in your hair. Just gently wrap the towel around your hair, like a turban, and let it soak all the water from your hair so that it stops dripping.

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Step 3: Separate Hair into Sections

This is one of the most important steps here, properly comb your hair and divide your hair into small sections. Note bigger sections will take longer to dry, so ensure to create smaller sections. While blow-drying your hair, you need to make sure that your hair is not tangled. People with long or thick hair can use clips to manage these sections.

Step 4: Start Blow Drying Your Hair

Always make sure to blow dry your hair from at six inches to a distance to avoid the heat from damaging your hair. You should dry your hair from top to bottom in a subtle downward motion. Make sure to dry off your scalp properly, as it will continue to moisturize the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Work Your Way in a Downward Motion

Remember to your blow dryer a couple of times in a downward motion, to prevent heat from focusing on a single area. You can use a comb during this process, to ensure that your hair doesn’t get tangled during the process. Note that by focusing the drying on a single spot, you will be increasing the chances of damaging or burning your hair.

Step 6: Avoid drying your Hair completely using the Blow dryer

Don’t dry your head completely using a blow dryer as it can result in making your hair dry and lifeless. Rather leave your hair a little, damp, allowing them to dry off naturally, as it will help in restraining the natural moisture of your without causing static or roughness in your hair. Or if you have to use the blow dryer, then make sure to apply a heat protection spray after using the blow drying to retrieve the lost shine of your hair.

Step 7: Always Finish with Cool Shot Blast

A cool shot blast can be a very important part of a blow dryer, which helps in locking the moisture and shine in your hair. De-tangle your hair gently with your fingers or brush them. You can even use a drop of olive oil to get a glossy shine or flaunt your volume on your perfectly blow-dried hair.

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