Hairstyles for Christmas and New Years Eve Parties | Mink hair – Anwig Beauty Hair

Christmas is Coming ,and there is the opportunity to showcase the different Hairstyles.Whether you are having a quiet indoor celebration with family or attending a party this year, we have put together a list of 2019 Christmas hairstyles that you must try. 1st : Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles Naturally straight hair is effortlessly gorgeous hair. … Read more

How to Take Care of Curly Hair – Anwig

Transitioning to Natural Hair

Curly hair is a beautiful hair type to have, once you’ve decided to choose curly hair—as sure you will—you’ll want to know how to keep your curly hair looking its best, but having a good curly hair is harder than it looks, it needs you to know how to wash, style, and maintain human hair extensions properly to make curly hair looks charming. Here are the curly care guides for ladies with naturally curly hair – and how you can get the stunning strands of your dreams.

How to stop tangles in your hair – Anwig Beauty Hair

backcombing causes tangles and hair breakage

The best way to ensure you don’t have to brush out your tangles is to stop them before they even start. We all can’t wake up everyday expecting to have great hair. Especialy many beautiful ladies have to fight with tangled hair every morning. But sometimes fighting tangles can be a serious business: brush them out while dry need to run the risk of creating more tangles; brush them out while wet possibly cause breakage.

What’s the differences between Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair? – Anwig Beauty Hair


Peruvian hair comes in light brown, deep brown, or darker colors, whereas Brazilian hair does not have color variation, but it is easy to apply color on Brazilian hair. If you talk about Brazilian vs. Peruvian hair’s volume and body, both are excellent options. But Peruvian hair has got more body to the hair.